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6 Incredible Rehab Success Stories

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Do you feel hopeless about overcoming your addiction? Do you love someone who can’t seem to stop using drugs? There is help and hope. Six rehab success stories provide inspiration you need to keep moving forward and working to achieve the addiction recovery you crave.

1. Jeanette

At the age of 33, Jeanette tried drugs for the first time. Eventually, she became a meth addict with legal trouble, medical challenges, and family estrangement. After asking her family for help, she entered rehab. Today, she’s been sober for 14 months and is repairing the damage caused by drugs.

Jeanette tells people how addiction took over and ruined her life before she noticed what was happening. However, she reports that regaining her purpose is the greatest part of recovery. Not only is her self-esteem growing every day, but she’s working in a drug rehab and finding fulfillment helping others live addiction-free.

2. Paul

By the age of seven, alcohol and marijuana use were so commonplace in Paul’s home that he joined in. At 17, he needed whatever drugs he could get to survive every day. After smuggling drugs, he got into legal trouble and lost everything by age 28.

The next few years saw Paul move from being clean to being in jail for heroin possession. He finally realized in 2002 that he needed to change. Drug rehab helped him get clean. It also taught him how to handle life without drugs and alcohol, and Paul is excited about moving forward into a new life.

3. Keith

Keith remembers his first drug binge in 1970. In 1999, he realized he didn’t care whether he lived or died. That’s when he stopped in at a rehab. The intake counselor suggested he stay a few days. Fortunately, he agreed. He also learned that he could choose to return to active addiction or choose recovery.

Through the ups and downs, Keith recovered his physical well-being, mental faculties, and spiritual understanding. He now encourages addicts to keep trying to overcome their addiction. Everyone is worthy of love and deserves to be clean.

4. Caitlin

When her parents found out that 14-year-old Caitlin was smoking marijuana and using benzodiazepines, they sent her to therapeutic wilderness camp. She responded by using harder drugs, finding bad friends and getting into legal trouble. In and out of jail, she also kept using off and on for several years. Her family eventually cut her off. Even though she was isolated, she felt stuck and unable to change.

After cooking meth for several months, Caitlin decided to enter a drug rehab. She failed the initial fitness test. However, her trainer encouraged her to exercise, lift weights, and run. Today, her body and relationships with family members are on the mend. She says it feels good to do things together and be close again now that she’s clean.

5. Burnell

By the age of 44, Burnell had been in and out of rehab several times. He had first started using crack cocaine to lose weight. The drug did help him lose weight, but he found that he couldn’t stop using, was broke, and started to steal from his family.

Unfortunately, his drug use became worse after each attempt to get clean. His Good Friday 2013 relapse led him to attempt suicide. He finally decided to try rehab once more and make it stick. His persistence helped him regain self-respect and start loving himself.

Burnell is proud to say that he now has more confidence in himself. He admits that he has to work hard, but the effort is worthwhile. Being clean feels amazing. His story is truly a rehab success story.

6. Donna

After trying several rehabs, Donna felt frustrated. Nothing was working. She finally realized she needed a holistic rehab. Here, she exercised three times a week and participated in yoga, karate, acupuncture, and vitamin therapy. She also attended cognitive therapy that really got to the heart of her addiction instead of just asking her how she was feeling. Today, Donna remains clean. She credits the holistic approach with helping her understand her addiction and deal with the triggers and challenges in a healthy way.

These six rehab success stories can inspire you to seek the drug treatment you need. Are you ready? There’s no quick fix, but rehab and the tools you learn there will help you recover successfully. Get started today with your rehab success story.

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  • Walter

    I love this article. A lot of times you hear about the successes people have with overcoming their addiction and not giving up on rehabs. The success stories I think is a great way to give hope to people who do not think it is possible or even likely that they will ever find themselves in a rehabilitation facility. It really is a good way to get you to see that there are other people who are going through a lot of the same things that you may be going through as an addict and that to me is valuable. It is also really important to note the changes that these people are reporting from going through the different rehabs and all of the tools that exist to get you over the addiction to whatever drug of choice you decide to be addicted to. It is also nice to see that it is not just drug rehab, but also rehab from other problems that people are having and really getting at the root of the problem instead of sticking a bandaid over it.

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