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How Zackary Overcame Drug Addiction

It was the weekend, and he was out with friends. This time had been the third time he had tried to stop using drugs on his own, but his friends always got him to use again. He knew drugs were destroying him slowly, but he felt weak when it came to saying no. “I’ve already taken them before, they won’t do much more harm if I use again,” is what Zackary thought to himself right before he gave in to his friend for nagging at him about taking a hit. That last hit felt weird to him; it didn’t feel like what he had taken before. As Zackary was about to ask if it was laced with something, he started tripping harder than he ever had.

He couldn’t remember much of what had happened when the drug finally started to wear off. All he knew was that he was upset, tired, and stuck in a trap he didn’t know how to get out of. He whipped out his laptop and typed in “best rehab centers near me” and clicked search.

Zackary’s Rehab Experience

Zackary made an appointment to visit the facility and toured it. He decided he was going to enter rehab that day. He felt proud for taking this big step on his recovery journey, but he also felt scared, nervous, and anxious. Soon after he signed in and got acquainted with the facility, he was brought to the detoxification center. He could tell that this was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done so far in his life. The first week and a half of detox felt like he was stuck in a nightmare. His withdrawal symptoms were intense, and he couldn’t stop it. He kept reminding himself why he was doing this in the first place and that it would be worth it in the end. When detoxification was over, the withdrawal symptoms were gone, and he already felt 100 times better.

Zackary then started his customized treatment plan. He learned a lot about himself and got to have conversations with others who had very similar situations to him. Zackary used to feel alone when it came to feeling trapped by drugs, especially since his friends didn’t seem bothered by it. He was happy to meet people who felt the same way. Zackary learned the tools that he was missing to help him remain sober and live a successful life. During his treatment program, he learned how to control his anxiety and face his problems so he wouldn’t have to use drugs as a crutch anymore. The best part of rehab for Zackary was that he finally started to have self-respect and love for himself again. He hadn’t felt that in many years and he never thought he’d be able to gain that back.

Re-entering Society After Rehab for Drug Addiction

Zackary felt ready to re-enter the world when his addiction treatment program was over. He felt confident enough to be able to handle any challenges that came his way and to remain sober for a very long time. Life after rehab wasn’t a walk in the park; it was hard work, and there were many challenges he had to overcome. While he knew he had changed, it had to be proven to many people he had lied to and deceived while he was using. Now, Zackary has gained back the trust of his family and many of his friends and is on the road to a successful life and recovery from addiction.

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