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How Willie Started Over After Rehab

Willie had forgotten how to live. He forgot how to be truthful, how to be successful, how to hold onto a job; he forgot how to be himself, and that was the most upsetting part of it. Each time he used drugs or alcohol, strips of him were going away. At first, he thought it was a good thing because he didn’t really like who he was that much anyway, but now, more of him is gone than he wanted. Sick and tired of feeling lost, Willie knew what had to be done to find his way again. He knew he would hate it and feared it wouldn’t work, but drug rehabilitation was the only solution he could think of.

Finding the Rehab

Without many friends or family to do the research for him, Willie did his best to figure out which rehab facility would be a good option for him. In a hazy state.  As he entered the facility, he felt a sense of relief but also felt nervous for what was to come. He knew his withdrawal symptoms would not be easy.

Willie’s Rehab Experience

As soon as he signed all of the papers and got settled in, he was taken to detoxification. The first week was dreadful, and he started to doubt if he could make it through rehab. He couldn’t sleep even though he was exhausted and the withdrawal symptoms became so severe that he didn’t think it was even worth going into rehab. When he was close to finishing detoxification, he noticed that his withdrawal symptoms were finally coming to an end and he saw subtle changes within himself. He felt a clearness in his head that hadn’t been there in years, and his reactions to many things had changed for the better.

After detoxification, Willie started his treatment program that was tailor-made for him. During his treatment program, he learned tools to ensure he can be successful – something he always wanted while he was using. He has learned more about himself than he ever thought he could and understands why he got into drugs and alcohol in the first place. Willie started to finally feel as though he had found himself again and could start to recognize the person inside him.

Life After Rehab

After rehabilitation, Willie had to start and overcome a new challenge in his life. He wanted to make amends to the family and friends he had deceived and hurt while he was using. He also wanted to start taking action on his goals, some of which was to get a good job, have a nice home and to have friends and family he can trust and who can trust him. As he has started taking steps on these goals, he has been able to use the tools he learned from his treatment program to help him become successful in all aspects of his life. He has fixed the relationships of some of his family and friends so far and has started a new job that he is excited about.

The idea of starting over was an obstacle Willie had to overcome, and while life after rehab has been challenging, he is full of hope and promise for the future. He is grateful that he can have a second chance at living a sober life where he can redeem himself and redefine as spiritually and mentally, as well as physically. Rehabilitation has made Willie confident that he can be successful in his life again.

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