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Focus On Recovery – A Lifestyle Transformation

Four BDR graduates find that overcoming addiction is much more than just getting clean and sober. They all have learned that you must keep your focus on recovery for a lifetime of sobriety. Here are their stories.

Struggling with addiction is an extremely difficult time for any person to go through. A hectic lifestyle, often plagued by legal troubles, wreaks havoc on the emotional health of an individual, as well as their friends and family. Many times, there are countless lies and dishonesty, theft, isolation, broken promises, mistrust – countless ways that relationships can be damaged and families end up torn apart. The heartache becomes too much to bear, and the individual or their loved ones finally seek out professional help.

Best Drug Rehab Helps Clients Focus on Recovery

Being able to keep one’s focus on recovery can be a difficult prospect in itself. Many people simply have no idea where to turn, and the options available can be overwhelming. They don’t understand that there are many different methods of rehabilitation, many paths to overcoming addiction and may even believe that they are all the same. They don’t know how important it is to make sure that the treatment center is a good fit for the individual. All they know is that they can’t live like this anymore and that they are looking for a way to fix it.

One of the biggest problems that people have when they are fighting against their addictive behaviors, and one of the biggest causes of relapse, is the idea that rehabilitation is a “quick fix” for someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. It is anything but. Overcoming addiction is a tough road to travel and requires hard work and dedication. Without making a personal commitment to focus on recovery, no program or facility is going to be able to help someone beat his or her addiction. There is no such thing as a “quick fix”, and not all recovery programs and treatment facilities are the same.

The addiction treatment strategy at Best Drug Rehabilitation was developed taking this into account. We don’t just focus on helping our patients to get clean and sober. We help them to find the tools and skills that will help them to achieve long-term sobriety. By addressing the causes of their addictive behaviors, such as past traumas rather than the symptoms of those behaviors (the actual abuse of drugs or alcohol), we are really teaching them to focus on recovery, not just on getting sober.

Jenna’s Story

If the focus of a program is just to quit using drugs or alcohol, the chances of relapse are much higher. This was a lesson that Jenna, a recent graduate of the BDR program, learned the hard way. She had actually been clean for 14 months before a relapse hit her hard, devastating her family. Through her treatment at our rehabilitation center, Jenna made a startling discovery. “I didn’t have a whole lot of self-worth,” she admits. “I have a beautiful three-year-old boy at home. I was doing it all for him and for my husband. That doesn’t work. I thought ‘If everybody else approved of what Jenna was doing, I’d be okay’. That wasn’t what it was supposed to be.”

Jenna realized that she had been going about it wrong. Her main focus was the happiness of her family, rather than keeping her focus on recovery from addiction. Repairing the damaged relationships that have resulted from a person’s substance abuse is important, but the main focus in recovery must be on the individual. If they are healthy, happy, and have found inner peace, the rest will follow. Jenna discovered that she needed to work on herself first. “As hard as it is, I’m going to go straight from here and go to sober living,” she says. “It’s not easy, but whatever is easy in life doesn’t mean that’s the right choice. Sure, it’d be easy to pop back home. But it was easy to pop a pill.”

Cerisse’s Story

Cerisse made a similar discovery when, after many years of being clean and sober, she got a little too comfortable. “I do have 12 years free from heroin right now,” she says. “I thought I was ok. I started drinking a glass of wine at night, which was okay at first, and then it turned into me hiding alcohol from my husband.” Despite all of her efforts to hide her drinking, Cerisse’s husband knew what was going on. He approached her about it, and they both agreed that she needed to get help.

Cerisse had stopped focusing on her sobriety and staying clean. She thought she had been “cured”. But, she discovered what so many others have before her – there is no “quick fix” for addiction. During her time at our treatment center, she realized that recovery is about learning how to live life and handle daily stress without using drugs or alcohol to cope. It is about handling issues and negative emotions in a positive way, and addressing the causes of her substance abuse rather than just the symptoms. “My advice to others is that there is hope,” she offers. “It can be done, it’s just something that you have to work at on a day-to-day basis. There is hope out there, you just have to be ready to make that change.” Cerisse now knows that she has to continually keep her focus on recovery.


Kyle’s Story

Many of the clients that we see in our recovery center are in a hopeless and despairing emotional state. Kyle, who had been using drugs and alcohol since he was only 10 years old, was one of them. His drug use had progressed further and further over the years, and he had lost all hope. “Many times I would lie in bed after using and I just didn’t feel like living anymore,” he admits. His wife and daughter knew something was wrong, and they approached him about it. Kyle was flatly honest with them, and together they searched for help.

When Kyle got to BDR, he was still struggling, and he was unsure of just how much help our program would be to him, a middle-aged man who had been using for much longer than he had not been. He noticed that he was older than some of the other clients, and this worried him at first. He soon realized that he had no reason to worry. “I think the greatest thing about this place is the peers,” he says. “Initially, I thought that I didn’t want to be around the kids here, but I’ve learned more from those kids.” Kyle now understands that, no matter how young or old a person may be, as long as we keep our focus on recovery, everyone has something to teach.


Graham’s Story

How does the Best Drug Rehabilitation substance abuse treatment strategy keep such an intensive focus on recovery rather than just getting clean and sober? A big part of what makes our treatment plan so effective is the wide variety of program options that we offer from which our clients can choose. Each person is a unique individual, traveling unique journeys through life. Each will have different needs and find different treatments to be more beneficial as making their own unique journeys through the recovery process. Graham, another amazing graduate of the BDR program, explains: “The fact that I got to choose was really appealing to me because a lot of the places that you go, they choose for you, or it’s strictly a 12-Step program or SMART Recovery program. You have choices here.” He was able to focus on recovery at his own pace and in the way that he found, with guidance from his counselor and case manager, to be best suited to his individual needs. Graham gained a sense of confidence in himself and in his recovery, and he understands that maintaining sobriety is a personal responsibility. Like all of our graduates, he knows that there is no such thing as a “quick fix” for addiction and that if he wants to stay substance-free, he must continuously focus on recovery.



  • Amanda

    I see here there is a lot of truth to the difficulty that is faced by someone who is going through the struggles of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse or any other addiction for that matter. The thing you have to realize is that the definition of addiction involves not being able to stop something or doing something that is out of your control. I think that it is awesome that BDR is there to help people with this and the changes that they are impacting on other people are amazing. I have also known people who felt that they had cured their addiction to drugs and alcohol, but those people that actually were cured all had one thing in common. That was the fact that they did not continue to consume anything that was a mood altering substance, even down to coffee. This was the only way that they were cured, between no longer using any substance that they could get addicted to,they also found and spotted the time when they made the decision to use something to alter the way that they think and this was the only thing that they found to permanently stop the addictive pattern that they were wrapped up in. There is something to be said about this and not everyone can do it without the help of another person. Often times I have seen people go into denial and think that this was the answer to the problems that they were being faced with, when actually it is not. I think that these stories from these 4 people are very brave and a lot can be learned from this in reaching out to others who are struggling with addiction and getting them the help that the eed in order to get off of drugs. It is inspiring to see that they were able to rise above these problems and put their lives into a better state. I think that more people should get the help that these people did.

  • Ben Jet

    These stories really warmed my heart. As someone who has also struggled with addiction before, I totally know where they’re coming from, and I get what they went through. I really get it. Best Drug Rehabilitation took care of them though, and I’m so happy to see their successes recorded here. It’s not common that recovering addicts want to be videotaped regarding their stories, so it was really stellar to see four BDR graduate coming forward to do just that.

    Best Drug Rehabilitation offers an alternative, totally innovative, and totally open-ended and results-based treatment program. It really is quite impressive. In my experiences with addiction and rehabilitation, I have never seen a rehab program that was so well structured around the individual, and not around what was best for the rehab center itself. This is no, “cookie cutter”, or, “one size fits all”, rehab program. They are not a traditional, cut and dried, “twelve steps or no steps”, type of facility. I was really happy to see that. This program impressed me to no end. I wish I had known about them when I needed to go to treatment! My experience would have been much easier and I wouldn’t have struggled so much with the threat of relapse afterwards if I had.

    Best Drug Rehabilitation is about rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts, and nothing else. This center is only interested in getting people off of drugs and alcohol. They have meticulously structured their program to accomplish this exact goal. This rehab center is not a resort. It is not a vacation. It isn’t on a beach somewhere. It’s a comfortable, home-like, pleasant, friendly facility where people go to work hard and confront their issues and handle them and eradicate the ones that need eradicating and rehabilitate the ones that need rehabilitating.

    I couldn’t be more glad that BDR has graduates who are willing to come forward and speak about their experiences at the center. What better way to get an insight into what the program is like? After seeing these I am now totally convinced that BDR is the right place to go for an addiction, and if I ever come across any addicts again, (which I might as I am now stable enough in my recovery that I can start helping others), I will send them here!

  • Dh

    I really find this article bery interesting. I also enjoyed watching these videos, I am glad that these people have found help, and that they had realizations in their life that will change them from being an addict to living drug and alcohol free. It is true that a rhab is definitely not a quick fix, it is a life long oath that they have to follow and stick to, and to never touch drugs. I know it is extremely hard, but I think that with the right tools and the right help one can really start a new life, and step by step fix things that they messed up, and be worhy or trust again, and have a string family. But the first step is realizing that they need help and than going to a rehab.

  • Ba

    Having to go through rehab is a very hard thing. Peopel who have addiction issues is hard cause it is hard to handle without the roght tools and noone can just clap with their fingers and stop. I beleive that these kind of problems actually come from some underlying issues that probably are over looked at by many rehabs, the roots of the problem, cause usually they just detox the person, but do not educate them. This place is so much different through. I think it is great that the clients have these nice realizations, it is just a proof that the orogram they did worked and that they changed. Best drug rehab does sound like an ideal place for anyone to get help, from those who want to get closer to jesus crist or those who ate not religious, amd they want some other method, they can all find a program that would help them to reach the goal of a drug free and clean and sober lifestyle. It is also great that they do not tell their patients what to do non stop, that could be frustraiting, but rather they give a freedom of choice. I really like that they have anger management course, that sounds great. And most of all i really think it is awesome that they can do more programs, not just like one way, so if they feel like they need more help, different program, than they can just get it with no problems. I like this rehab, because they really care about their clients, and they really help them to change their life and make sure they are ready for it, by giving them tasks and responsibilities. I really like this idea, and the way this works, i think it is very great, and it sounds like it works, cause many people say it does and they really seem happy so that is great. They really change their lives after they went to this rehab. I will rcommend this place in case I know someone who is in this kind of toruble.

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