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Why Kids are Drinking

Why Kids are Drinking at a Young Age Today

The youth of today are choosing to experiment with alcohol at very young ages. In fact, studies have shown that most teens have consumed alcohol at least once by the time that they graduate from high school. Not only are teens drinking beer or wine, but they are also consuming hard liquor. There are many reasons teens are consuming alcohol, but some of the most common answers about why kids are drinking at a young age are discussed here.

Risk-Taking Behavior is One of the Main Factors

If a teen is around other people who consume hard liquor, he or she will be more likely to drink it. Teens naturally want to fit in with others. That is why kids are drinking because many of them feel like they have to drink alcohol to have a good time and fit in.

Teens are known for making decisions on impulse and without thinking about the consequences of their choices. Studies have shown that people’s brains are continuing to develop until they reach their mid-20s. That is why teens often seek out new and dangerous behaviors. A teen may not fully understand that there are risks involved with drinking hard liquor.

Modern Media Makes It Look Like Fun

Media can play a role in alcohol use, another reason why kids are drinking at such a young age. Forty-seven percent of teens have reported that television shows and movies make drinking seem like it is an okay thing to do. Studies have also shown that teens who watch more than three R-rated movies per month are five times more likely to drink alcohol.

Mental and Behavioral Problems

Mental problems, such as anxiety and depression, are more reasons why kids are drinking at a young age. Teens may turn to alcohol to help themselves feel better. Behavioral problems have also been linked to alcohol use. Kids who have been labeled disruptive or rebellious are more likely to consume alcohol.

Misinformation and Willingness to Ignore Facts

There is a lot of misinformation today about liquor use. If a teen sees the wrong information, then he or she may believe that hard liquor use has no consequences. Teens often are unconsciously ignoring the facts they’ve heard about the dangers of hard liquor, and foolishly think they can control the situation. That is why it is important for parents to talk to their children about alcohol use.

Instant Gratification

The effects of alcohol are usually felt quickly. Teens like the way alcohol makes them feel. They turn to alcohol because it makes them feel happy. However, this feeling of happiness is temporary as they often feel depressed after the effects of alcohol wear off.

No Matter Why Kids are Drinking Alcohol, Inpatient Rehab is Necessary

The earlier a person starts drinking, the more likely he or she is to develop alcoholism. Teenage drinking can ruin a person’s life. That is why parents of a teen with addiction need to make sure that he or she gets inpatient rehab as soon as possible. Inpatient rehab offers a safe, alcohol-free environment where the teen can focus on understanding the underlying reasons for their alcohol abuse. They also learn effective coping techniques that will help them avoid relapse. Although teens are drinking hard liquor at a younger age today, there is an effective treatment that will get them back on the right path in life.


  • Mona

    Terrible situation out there regarding underage drinking. Parents/schools/other relatives/friends – everybody needs to come together to help solve.

  • Sandra Ashanti

    My opinion is that parents need to have more control over their kids, have a friendly approach and discuss all their problems timely, including alcohol consumption.

  • mike

    I feel that under age drinking is the result of parents not being engaged with their children. You have to be on top of what is going on in your child’s daily life.

  • Debbie

    I think every kid goes through a faze of wanting to have a drink in their teenage years. I don’t necessarily think treatment is needed.

  • Heather

    It is scary to think about how easy a teen can be to sway to try liquor, this just confirms yet again how important it is to talk with your teens about peer pressure and good choices.

  • Diane C

    I’m not surprised about this. I remember when I was a teenager, we all were trying alcohol before we graduated from High School. It’s the one thing that is very easy to get. Most homes have alcohol right there in the house where you live. I truly believe the only way to combat this is to educate our kids from a very young age on the negative effects of alcohol and how it can effect your life. If you find your kid has a problem, get them to a good rehab facility as soon as possible as I believe the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get them off of it.

  • Tabatha P.

    I believe children learn from others, and the majority of children that begin drinking has been brought up in homes where alcohol was consumed by a parent. I remember as a child my uncle drank beer and my cousin who was much younger than myself would sneak when he would be out of the room and drink some of his beer. It’s frightening to see that sneaking a sip of beer is nothing compared to those choosing liquor and becoming addicted so young.

  • David

    This is a very informative post. I agree that many teenagers are influenced by the mainstream acceptance of alcohol in general. I have a teenager now and really feel like this is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Lokesh P

    Wow so sad kids are drinking hard liquor so early or even at all.

  • Matt

    There are a ton of strong facts in this article that can really help a parent grasp and be able to recognize and communicate this info to their kids at the right age. I especially agree with the breakdown of how kids don’t recognize the consequences of alcohol consumption.

  • Sara

    I see so many of our youth today going this path. It is such a sad way to grow up. Thank you for the article.

  • Connor

    It’s interesting that this article notes the misinformation and willfully ignoring facts when it comes to alcohol consumption and teens. This is a little known fact and one of the major causes of teen alocoholism.

  • Sandra

    It is so sad that kids today have time to think about drinking, because when we were young we played outside until dark and didn’t have time to think about alcohol. It is such a shame times have changed.

  • Joseph

    It’s true about the dangers of Alcoholism. Teenage drinking can indeed ruin a person’s life, it’s because of this in the past that we suffer today. Of course Alcoholism isn’t the only factor in the declination of one’s life, but it’s a major factor where applicable.

  • Aidid Alam

    Thanks for explain it

  • Jeremy

    Parents should always be on top of the situation.

  • Jonathan

    This article gave me some new insight to drinking. I was not aware that people’s brains continue to develop till their mid 20’s. I am very sure a lot of others are not aware of this fact either. It all goes back to people being uninformed. I am sure that if people were given this datum at a young age, they would not be drinking or drinking anywhere nearly as much as the alcoholism rate its soaring around the world.

    The fact that teens are drinking really does go back to parenting. Yes your kids are young adults and you want to give them freedoms and you don’t want to be “controlling parents”, there are great and easy ways of controlling your kids in a positive manner. Just presenting a child with this information is a form of control and you will be surprised to see how many just make the decision to not do it. Also watching the environment that your kid is placed in and the friends that they have is a form of positive control and a step to having them making the right decisions.

    As the media goes, thats our responsibility as consumers. Because we buy the product or watch movies and shows that involve such things, it gets pushed and produced.

    The instant gratification is a problem as this solely can make the person dependent on alcohol as they get a buzz from a few drinks and love the feeling and get addicted to it. Everytime you talk to a person that really enjoys drinking and you ask them why, invariably they will say at least one of the reasons is the “buzz”. But the buzz gets harder and harder to reach if you consistently drink as the body begins to build a tolerance to alcohol. And like other drugs, they are trying to chase that original high that they once had.

    Rehabilitation is definitely a very important decision to make when your child is addicted to alcohol and will have a great effect on the child and probably more impactful than you approaching the child yourself because if the child is already at the point of being addicted to alcohol despite the talks you have had with him, the likelihood that anything will change is quite low so getting help from another group to help your child get better is important and that’s where rehab comes in.

  • Joseph L

    Proud to say I never got into drinking, but I know a lot of friends who have been drinking since high school. It is sad to say the least.

  • Jacqueline Martin

    It is very sad to see that teenage drinking is on the rise. Inpatient Rehab rehab is highly necessary if young people are to overcome this addiction and lead a healthy life.

  • Sue Chang

    By reading this article it has given me confidence that i can help myself not become an addict.

  • James

    I can’t describe how sad this is. I know most of us experimented at an early age, but it really is sad. I think kids these days are just bored…I don’t know how with all of the phones, internet, etc but maybe ti’s over stimulation…? I pray that we learn as adults and parents to listen, engage with our kids and not only have them learn from us but us also learn from them. We don’t need more addicts in this world.

  • Sally Black

    It is sad to see that teenage drinking is on the rise. There is so much peer pressure amongst teens.

  • Milan Mahmud

    I think everyone should go ahead for resolving the drugs problem.every parents should more conscious about their children.

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