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Top 3 Fears Addicts Have About Living in Sobriety

Drug and alcohol addiction as it stands as a significant crisis is such that people struggle immensely with it and with all of the other difficulties that go along with it. When the family members and loved ones of drug and alcohol addicts try to help their loved ones, they often run into the incessant trouble of the loved one not wanting to receive their help. When this happens, an intervention becomes necessary for them to support and assist their loved one in such a way that they can get free from even the most difficult of substance abuse habits. It stands to reason at this point that the addict may have fears about living in sobriety. After all, the chances are that they have lived with their addiction for an extended period.

Living with Addiction and Having Fears About Living in Sobriety

When people struggle with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, they feel as though the addiction to a significant degree controls them and possesses their thoughts, emotions, and day to day life, and decision making abilities. This creates an unpleasant situation for them in which they struggle significantly with addiction and just cannot seem to find a way out of the habit, try as they might. However, it is crucial that they do get clean from the addiction, as kicking the addiction makes all the difference in helping people to locate and maintain a constant level of recovery and stability. Plus, drug and alcohol abuse is often a lethal problem, and going through treatment gives people the chance that they need to save their own lives literally.

How to Get Off Drugs and Live Sober

Addicts often wonder how to get off drugs, and they seek help to stop using the drugs. Primarily, people, when they are addicted, do not know how to get clean, nor do they know how to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. On top of that, they are often plagued with fears, worries, and frustrations about recovery and abstinence from addiction, and these concerns, whether realistic or not, often lead to a significant amount of difficulty and back and forth for such individuals. Their fears about living in sobriety are genuine to them.

The three most significant fears that addicts have about life in sobriety are:

  • “I won’t be able to make it. I’ll just relapse. So why bother?” This the pessimistic viewpoint, and probably the most common fear that people in recovery have about their addictions. These individuals feel that they are so heavily hooked on drugs and alcohol that they will inevitably relapse no matter how much they desire their ability to get clean and sober for life.
  • “I will lose my friends and family members.” This fear is especially significant for people who struggle with an addiction and who have friends and family members who also struggle with addictions. They feel that if they stop abusing substances, not only will they lose their precious drugs, but they will also be completely alone and abandoned by everyone too.
  • “I’ll die.” Right here is probably the top fear that all struggling addicts have about living in sobriety, that they will just die if they do anything but continue on the path that they are currently on. They are fixed into the idea that death is right around the corner for them, and that they will inevitably perish if they try to do anything other than just stay the course.

Call Best Drug Rehabilitation for Help with Addiction

When people suffer from substance abuse and addiction, they find themselves in a position where they cannot get clean and stop their habit, no matter how hard they try to do so. They need professional addiction treatment, and Best Drug Rehabilitation can help. Call today to speak with an addiction specialist about any questions you may have or to find a treatment program that’s best for you.

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