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Sober for Summer: How to Stay Strong in Your Recovery

Summer is a time of a variety of enjoyable events, including parties, socializing, and many outdoor activities.  But, this is unfortunately also a time that the rates of substance use and abuse can increase quite heavily.  Substances can be involved in many of these different activities, and this can often make it difficult for those in recovery to find activities to attend and participate in without being exposed to or tempted by these substances.  Fortunately, there are many methods that these individuals can use to help themselves stay sober during the summer months, including:

  • Recovery Plan – An individual can plot or write out a plan of steps to take or how to react to certain situations in their environment. This could include ways to better exit an uncomfortable situation, leave an event, turn down substances, etc.  It can help to plan out ways to efficiently accomplish things like this so that you are not caught in an uncomfortable situation and have no idea how to handle or react to it.
  • Sober Activities – There are many different activities that an individual can do that do not expose them to substances. For instance, they could throw their own party or event with fellow recovery mates, or sober friends.  This way, substances will not even be an issue, and they can enjoy themselves without the worry of temptation.  There are even organizations that have events and activities specifically for those in recovery, such as sober cruises.
  • Triggers – Being able to identify, avoid, and handle one’s triggers is one of the most important factors of recovery. This can be an even more critical situation during the summer months when one may be more likely to be exposed to them.  It is important for an individual to know their triggers, and if they see or experience them, know how to handle or manage them, or remove themselves from the situation.
  • Pick Up a New Hobby – It can help to pick up a new hobby or activity to keep oneself busy during these summer months. Hobbies can help to keep the mind off of substances or give a person something to put their time into instead of participating in substance related activities.  An individual could take classes, such as music, dancing, yoga, or they could volunteer at one of many different organizations, such as a charity or animal shelter for instance.

Staying Strong in Recovery

Recovery can be difficult at times with the large amount of substances that can be out in the environment, but it is completely possible and worth it to remain steadfast.  And while it may require some brainstorming and planning on the part of the individual, it is easily possible to have a good time during the summer months without jeopardizing or compromising sobriety.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You to Overcome Addiction

Addiction can be a very difficult and arduous condition, but it can be treated.  The right detox and treatment can help a person to finally address and overcome their addiction, even those that have lasted many years.  Best Drug Rehabilitation helps thousands to overcome their addiction every year, and much of our success lies in our unique approach to addiction treatment.  We individualize a program for every single person that is admitted, and this allows it to address the specific factors and conditions of their addiction.  Take the first steps toward a clean and sober life and give us a call today at 1-888-701-3151.

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