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halloween pumpkins

13 Frightfully Fun Ideas for a Sober Halloween

Posted by Myra Davis to Sobriety

You can enjoy a frightfully good time this Halloween without using drugs or alcohol. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Try one or more of my 13 favorite Halloween party activities as you gather your friends, celebrate the season, and stay clean and sober.

halloween pumpkins
Photo by: lobo235 (Flickr)

1. Take a Hike

Enjoy cooler temperatures and colorful leaves as you take advantage of the fall season and hike through a local park, mountain range, or downtown area.

2. Go Horseback Riding

Therapeutic horseback riding is also good exercise and allows you and your friends to have fun, reduce stress, and enjoy the great outdoors together.

3. Ride Bikes

Explore the city or countryside on bikes, and spend the day appreciating the fresh air.

4. Pick Apples

Fresh, crisp apples taste delicious right off the tree or baked in apple pies. Celebrate the fall bounty when you meet friends at a local orchard and pick apples.

5. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

With a list of unusual items, your friends divide into teams and race through the mall, a local park, or a nearby big box store. The first team to snap photos of all the scavenger list items wins.

6. Play Football

In your backyard or local park, round up the gang for a game of touch football, the perfect fall sport. Grill hot dogs, sausages, and burgers afterwards to keep the fun going.

7. Host a Talent Show

Sing, dance, juggle, or read poetry during a talent show. All your friends can participate as you encourage each other to pursue something positive. Make the show even better when you perform in your favorite costume.

8. Navigate a Corn Maze

Grab a few friends and navigate through a corn maze. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll problem solve your way through the afternoon.

9. Play Miniature Golf

Before the course closes for the season, challenge your friends to a round of mini golf. The friendly competition is fun and helps you stay clean.

10. Hold a Lawn Decorating Contest

With your friends and supplies from the craft store, create creepy lawn decorations. The team with the most creative, scariest, or unique décor wins.

11. Watch Scary Movies

You can’t celebrate Halloween without scary movies. So, pop popcorn, stock soda, and scare your socks off with classics like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. You could also exercise your creativity and film your own scary script complete with homemade costumes and realistic props.

12. Visit a Haunted House

Find a local haunted house and tour it with all your buddies. If you can’t find a local haunted house, create your own in your basement or attic. Invite your friends and scare them right this Halloween.

13. Carve Pumpkins

Whether you prefer cute or terrifying, carve faces into pumpkins. You’ll also want to save the seeds and season them with cinnamon or salt for a tasty treat.

Celebrate Halloween and stay clean and sober when you enjoy these 13 activities. You’ll have fun, and you won’t have to worry about a hangover the next day. Happy haunting!

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    Halloween is a great time of year! I think coming up with sober ways to enjoy any holiday. I thought these ideas were fun and entertaining. I feel a lot of times with holidays people want to add alcohol to it, when there are many activities people can do without alcohol and still have an enjoyable holiday. I think that it is a great idea to have alternative plans or just plan something sober especially when you have someone who is recovering from addiction. Life does not have to stop because of addiction; you just need a sober plan.

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