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Inpatient Rehab, More Effective for Drug Treatment

Why is Inpatient Rehab the Most Effective Program for Drug Addiction?

When you’re checking out different drug addiction rehabilitation programs, you’re going to find both outpatient and inpatient rehab information. At first glance, you may think that outpatient treatment is better because it causes fewer changes in your life. However, when you’re in a dangerous place with drugs, you likely want to infuse as many positive changes as possible.

Inpatient Rehab Offers More Time to Treat Issues

Choosing an outpatient treatment program means that you’ll have an allocated amount of time each week to cope with your issues. Some individuals may see a counselor every other day, and others may go for therapy once per week. With inpatient treatment, your entire life, for the time being, is focused on your recovery. The more time you have to focus on yourself and your needs, the greater the chance is that you can uncover the root of your issues.

Fewer Obligations Outside of Therapy

Collecting inpatient rehab information will help you to see the prodigious amount of time you’ll have to focus on your recovery. At the same time, begin to recognize that you’ll also get to spend time away from many of your current obligations. For example, you may feel as though that your job is getting in the way of your recovery. You work so many hours that you don’t have time to focus on yourself and to put any energy into your situation. When you choose an inpatient program, that issue goes away.

Removal from Tempting People

If you are addicted to drugs, then a good chance exists that you spend at least some time with other people who are in the same situation. Choosing an outpatient program might not take you away from these individuals, and you could continue to struggle with drug usage and abuse. These unsavory peers may tempt you into using drugs even when they know you are trying to stop altogether. By going to an inpatient program, you can take the first step in removing these individuals from your life for good.

Healthy Bonds and Relationships are Formed in Inpatient Rehab

The thought of living all or many of your friends in the past can be quite frightening, yet inpatient treatment gives you a new sense of hope. Not only are you going to engage in programs to help you save your life, but you can also build relationships that allow you to do the same. You will likely make friends with other people at the rehab center, and these friendships can provide you with power both in the program and when you are finished.

Considering the benefits of both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs is important when you have decided to get your life on a better track and to take responsibility for your drug addiction. After all, both of these programs do have their benefits. However, when you want to commit to changing your life, and you want to ensure that you don’t get off track, look to an inpatient program as the solution that’s right for you.


  • Angie

    I feel that inpatient treatment is the best because you are removed from the environment that has potential triggers in it, and put in an environment where you have the tools to help you find out what those triggers were and how to handle them in the future. You have a new space to “detox” from your addiction and a place where everyone around you knows what you are going through and understands what you are doing. Whereas if you were at home, your spouse, kids, mom, dad, whoever is present, may not know what you are dealing with or understand what you are doing, or going through. I feel like an inpatient program will help you stay focus on the goal of getting clean and sober and putting your life back together.

  • Don

    I think it is important to get away from what is going on at home and in your environment and work solely on your recovery. Recovery takes a lot of work.

  • lakshmi

    Very informative

  • Angela

    The article is extremely informative. Inpatient treatment is definitely the way to go when it comes to rehabilitation options. It is important to be removed from your familiar environment to be able to dedicate your time and focus to dealing with your issues, healing, and getting on the right track to overcome addiction.

  • Ryan

    Everything that goes on around you can really effect you. it’s best to change environments to get away from all that negativity.

  • Patrick

    Thanks for giving us the info that we need, i totally agree that this is the best form of treatment!

  • Adam

    Very true. Having loved ones that have gone through these issues before I can confirm that inpatient treatment is the best. The true test though if after being released, and making it in your original environment.

  • Tim

    This article was very interesting. I enjoyed how clearly it conveyed the idea of inpatient treatment. It is a great way to treat addiction.

  • John

    Very informative blog!!

  • Brandon

    This was a very informative article. I agree that getting away from your current setting and people is crucial for rehabilitating.

  • John Doe

    Up until now I had the wrong idea about inpatient rehabilitation. This article is very informative and cleared up information for me!

  • kat

    Have family members that truly need some of this. Prayers and good luck

  • Lakashia Williams

    I think that Inpatient Rehab is the best thing for a lot of people with drug addiction. It will give them a great deal of hope to feel that they can really move forward to getting better. I think its a beautiful experience for them to get back in touch with who they were before the addiction.

  • Jenny M

    I agree with everything you said. If you are struggling with addiction it is very important to get away and get the treatment you need. Just focus on yourself, away from temptation. It is good to have new perspectives from new people. 🙂 Good luck to anyone currently thinking of attending a rehab center.

  • Amanda

    What an interesting viewpoint. I see why it would be important for a person who is addicted to be separate from their current environment. It really gives them a chance to just handle the problem at hand and not also have to handle the struggles of everyday life. I think it gives the person a better chance to get out of the addiction trap. Awesome article.

  • Jonathan

    I definitely agree with this article. I mean if you are going to make a life changing decision, why not put all of your efforts into it? Just let go of everything else and make a change.
    I also see how have seen first hand that when you are trying to get away from something bad such as over drinking or drugs, and being around them all the time, doesn’t make it easy.
    Actually have the right influences and people when changing your life is probably the most important thing after having the correct information to follow, in my opinion.
    I am sure more drug rehabilitation facilities would have more results if they followed the successful actions that you guys have done.

  • Walter

    I agree with this. I have had friends that did not successfully make it until they went to an inpatient rehab facility. This was a good decision on their part as they were caught up in a world with connections that were always accessing drugs around them and they could not escape. I watched one of my friends struggle with this, and last time I heard from him, he was in jail from his drug use, but if he had gone to an inpatient, I think things would have been different. I strongly recommend anyone who is struggling go to a facility that has a detox program as well as the many other counseling services and methods like I have seen from BDR. Also, I wish good luck to those that are going on this venture to a safer and healthier future.

  • Gina M

    An outpatient program seems very convenient but sadly it hardly ever works. The detox part is something I do not suggest for anyone to try by themselves. It is terrible and even dangerous. But even after the detox period, I believe that people need to be removed from their everyday surroundings so they can concentrate on healing the body and the soul. Also, making new friends that have the same goal and that can help each other is key.

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