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Families Need to Improve Their Approachability for Loved Ones in Recovery

Recovery and rehabilitation are hard for anyone recovering from addiction. The only thing that makes it worse is feeling as if you have no one you can easily talk to about the difficulties of the process. The recovery process can feel lonely and is an intense time, especially after what may have been years of active addiction. Not having drugs and alcohol as a crutch leaves the person experiencing several different emotions that in the past had been numbed. For this reason, it is so important for loved ones in recovery to know that their family is approachable to help during the hard times.

On the other side, the effects of addiction on families is immense. Experiencing an addicted loved one is just as hard and lonely. Family members tend to feel a sense of helplessness. They want to help their loved ones through recovery, but aren’t sure what they can or cannot do; how much support is too much support. While many family members think they need to act a specific way or need to be careful around their recovering loved one, they only need to be more approachable.

What Approachable Means

A person can be said to be approached when they are readily available. However, there’s a little more to it. A person is approachable when the other person feels comfortable communicating freely with that person. There are many ways you can improve your approachability and help your loved one have an easier and smoother recovery. Simply listening and relating to what they have to say is one way of being approachable. Additionally, accepting the fact that your loved one is in recovery is a vital step for both the family and the recovering addict.

Allows Easier Communication

Knowing how to deal with addiction in the family is difficult. No one knows how to handle it at first, but by being approachable, you are allowing communication to flow smoother between you and your recovering loved one. If the individual in recovery feels comfortable in enough to communicate with the family, the family will be able to understand better what is happening in the recovering addict’s life.

Builds Trust Within the Family of Loved Ones in Recovery

When family members are approachable, the person in recovery starts to feel like they can trust their family members in sharing their recovery with them. When the person in recovery shares their struggles along with their successes with recovery, family members begin to gain trust in them as well.

Relationships Become Stronger

You will find that if families become more approachable with their loved ones in recovery, relationships begin to grow stronger. Family members start to work better with one another and start to communicate more. The family dynamic gets stronger, and the entire family begins to act as a team.

Find Addiction Recovery

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we know how difficult it is for both families and their loved ones in recovery when it comes to addiction. We know that recovery can seem scary, awkward and uncomfortable on both sides.  We do our best to recommend a unique approach to addiction treatment that encompasses all the many different aspects of the physical, spiritual, and emotional issues involved with addiction. This is why we help recovering addicts, and their families work together during recovery, so everyone involved feels confident and comfortable. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction or would like to learn more about the healing process and what we can do to help, please contact us.

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