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starting over after addiction recovery

Starting Over After Addiction Recovery

The use and abuse of drugs can completely change a person’s life. As addiction becomes worse over time more and more aspects of life change, until a day when an addict does not even recognize who they are anymore. Getting professional help and successfully completing a treatment program is a major stepping stone in the process towards long-term sobriety. After completing a treatment program it is time to re-enter society. The barriers that kept out enablers, triggers, and temptations have been brought down and the addict is on their own. What to do next? Starting over after addiction recovery does not have to be so drastic, but depending on the addiction it can be. Those who have completed a program should be proud of their commitment and their perseverance, but the battle is not over. Addiction does not have a cure. Treatment is a huge step in the right direction, but the next step is maintaining that sobriety. There are several key choices that recovering addicts must continue to make after treatment. These choices can help them start over after recovery.

Selecting the Right People

During addiction recovery, addicts learn about their addictions: what caused it, why it continued, and why it had such a strong hold on them. They come to understand that people can enable their dangerous behaviors both directly and indirectly. Recovering addicts learn how to detect those types of personalities and attempt to stay clear. In treatment, Per Wickstrom’s Best Drug Rehabilitation included, advises and helps recovering addicts build a strong support system. That is, selecting the right people to have around and those to call on for support. These individuals will be close friends and family members who care about the addict’s health and wellbeing. These are not people who have used and abused drugs with the addict or those who will continue to indirectly fuel the addiction (those who will pay bills or loan money to support the addiction). Good friends and family do not trigger or remind addicts of drugs or alcohol. They are also ready and willing to intervene if they see an addict walking a dangerous line. These people will help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety over the long run after addiction treatment.

Accepting Life After Recovery

Life is not all peaches and cream. Life is hard and recovering addicts must be able to accept that and all of their faults. In order to refrain from substance use and abuse it is good to learn to be able to accept failure. It is a part of life. Taking the bad with the good. Everyone makes mistakes, the difference between those who succeed and those who continue to fail is that some can accept failure, learn from it and do better in the future. The stress, depression, and anxiety that can push someone towards substance abuse when handled properly can help someone become better in all aspects of life. Accept failure, learn from it and become better. During treatment, there are opportunities to gain training and other skills to better a career. Having a defined career path and strategy can help recovering addicts after addiction treatment. Remaining goal oriented can greatly increase their chances of maintained sobriety. It is best to take life one step at a time. Setting small goals that are achievable is important in recovery. They help recovering addicts build confidence and self-efficacy.

Recovering from addiction is difficult, but not impossible. Per Wickstrom’s Best Drug Rehabilitation utilizes strategies that provide recovering addicts with skills and techniques to maintain sobriety and better their entire lives. Addiction recovery involves the recovery of the mind, body, and soul.

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