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The Importance of a Recovery Support Group After Addiction Treatment

Addiction can take complete control over an individual’s life.  Fortunately, it can be overcome through proper addiction treatment.   Once a person goes through treatment and achieves their sobriety, it can be very relieving and be freeing.  But being released from rehab can either be something a person looks forward to or fears.  An individual comes from a lifestyle full of using substances, goes into a very safe environment that is conducive to their sobriety, and after departing from this stable facility, it can feel imposing to be able to confront the barriers and difficulties of day to day life alone. For this reason, it is imperative to have a recovery support group that you know you can depend on when times get tough.

Importance of a Recovery Support Group

What constitutes a proper recovery support group can be different for every person, as some may need more comprehensive support.  There are several different types of support that a person can reach to once out of treatment, such as:

  • Continued Treatment – There are several lower levels of treatment that a person in recovery can utilize to fortify their sobriety. Outpatient can be an excellent way to continue treatment when back in the day to day life.  Outpatient will have set appointments that an individual can go to and take up any issues that they have experienced in recovery. Sometimes trying to jump right back into life may not be the best thing for an individual in recovery. Instead of jumping right back into life, transitional housing could be of great help.  Transitional housing, also called sober homes or halfway houses, allow an individual to stay in a more structured environment.  They will be residing with other people who are working to recover from their addiction, and these people can be a great support group.
  • Professional Assistance – Individual professional assistance can be a great way to get support in transitioning back into life. One can seek a personal counselor or therapist to help them to continue to work through their addiction.  A person does not have to simply grin and bear it if they feel they need more help, as professional assistance can be beneficial.
  • 12 Step Groups – Attending 12 step meetings can be an easy way for a person to build a support group once out of treatment quickly. These groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are full of people looking to stay clean from their addictions and help others to do the same.  You can work the steps yourself, and the group can contribute to assist you in going through them.  Part of the 12 step system is an individual called a sponsor, and they will be there to help you personally.  A sponsor is another person who has achieved sobriety and is in recovery and takes others under their wing to help them.
  • Loved Ones – Loved ones can provide some of the most valuable support out there for a person. They can be there to help guide and encourage a recovering individual.  Some people feel bad about leaning on their loved ones, but it is never shameful to let your loved ones contribute to support you.

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Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we know struggling with an addiction can be one of the most difficult conditions to be in.  That is why we are here to help people to overcome it.  Our comprehensive program is tailored to each and their needs, which allows the whole of their addiction to be addressed.  Programs that simply have a one size fits all mentality tend to be much less successful than centers like ours.  If you have any questions, give us a call today.

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