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How to Convince an Addicted Loved One that Rehab Works

Actual studies done on overall addict willingness show us that about eight out of ten addicts will not be willing to go to rehab, which necessitates some sort of approach to get them willing to go to rehab. So, as a family member or loved one of someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, what can you do to convince an addicted loved one as to just how rehab works and how rehab can help them? Being related to or close to someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and who do not want to get help is very frustrating, but there are solutions to addressing this.

How Rehab Works and Helps

Do rehabs work? How does rehab help? The simple answer is that yes, they do work, but a lot of different factors and circumstances weigh heavily on this and have to be present to ensure that rehab actually will work and that it will work well too. Basically, the efficacy of a course of addiction treatment will depend on a lot on how well a person is paired up with a rehab center, to begin with. This is to say that getting the person totally focused and understanding of just how bad addiction is and of just how serious of an issue this to address, people will start to understand exactly what kind of course of action needs to be taken to get clean.

Choosing the Right Rehab

The way to convince an addict to get help at an addiction treatment center begins with getting that addict to see the different factors of successful addiction treatment that will, in fact, work to ensure that rehab works for them. These are things like:

  • Picking the right length of time at a treatment center. Different treatment centers will offer different lengths of time for their services, which will greatly affect how effective the program is or is not. With this being the case, be sure to talk to the addict about the different lengths of time of treatment.
  • Picking the right recovery approach at a treatment center. Different rehab programs offer different types of recovery solutions, and some services will ring true and seem very sensible for an individual, and others will seem less sensible. When considering which rehab to go to and when trying to convince a person to get help at a rehab, the types of services offered at the center can and often do make a huge difference, to say the least. These can be services like Twelve Step programs, non-Twelve Step program, faith-based approaches, holistic approaches, hands-on approaches, one on one services, group services, Native American methods, etc. There are many different kinds of approaches to addiction treatment, and going over them thoroughly with the addict will show them that they can essentially pick and choose which kind of treatment that they can get.
  • Picking the right location for rehab. This is another profound one. Going to rehab close to home is not a must. In fact, traveling to go to rehab usually makes for a better end result for the person. When a person travels, they are able to get a peace of mind, a stability, and an abstinence that is lasting. Furthermore, it gives a person options and makes it so that they do not feel as though they have to only go to a local center if they do not want to.

Best Drug Rehabilitation is able to offer profound rehab referral services with varied treatment options. For more information about how rehab works, reach out to Best Drug Rehabilitation today at our toll-free number.

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