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Best Words of Encouragement for Addicts in Recovery

When an individual has overcome the massive difficulties and struggles that come part and parcel with addiction, they have achieved a monumental task.  They have worked very hard to achieve this, and for that reason, their family and other loved ones need to be there to help guide and encourage them along this path of sobriety. Sometimes, recovery and sobriety can sit teetering on a fragile line for some individuals, so words of encouragement and support to these people can go miles.  Words of encouragement for addicts in recovery that highlight the accomplishment of what they have done can be the one thing that keeps them in recovery.

Addicts in Recovery Need Words of Encouragement

How to voice words of encouragement to addicts in recovery can be extremely important so that they have the most positive impact and success.  Since these words can be so critical for assisting in maintaining and encouraging an individual’s sobriety, it is important to voice them correctly, to truly validate them.  Saying things such as, “Good job on getting clean,” versus “I have noticed such a great change in you after you got out of rehab.  You seem much calmer and confident,” can have a large difference in impact.  False or insincere words of encouragement can be seen through, so be sincere and genuine in what you are praising them about.  Pay attention and notice details and tell them what you have seen to help bolster these positive changes.

Some of the best words of encouragement for addicts in recovery are regarding subjects such as:

  • Significant positive changes you have observed
  • Changes in behavior
  • Increases in confidence
  • Successful accomplishments
  • Positive changes in emotions
  • Noting how proud of them you are
  • Promoting your faith in them
  • Pride of their overcoming old habits
  • Good choices that they have made

Use these subjects to form some words of encouragement for your loved one.  You are their support team, and functioning as such is important to help fortify your loved one for the long term.  One of the most important things when offering words of encouragement is to point out specifics, as it shows them you are noticing the valuable and positive changes they have made.

Be Your Loved One’s Cheerleader

Generalized compliments or encouragement can be picked up as banal or insincere, so stay aware of the things they are changing and doing to live a sober and more confident life.  Being your loved one’s cheerleader helps to show them that what they are doing is worth it and motivating the continuation of their sobriety and change.  Recovery from addiction can be tough sometimes when those impulses, triggers, or cravings hit, so having a reliable support system of loved ones that encourage and motivate them to continue helps them to get past those difficulties.

Seeking Treatment for Addiction

Best Drug Rehabilitation is here to help you or your loved one overcome the challenge of dependency.  We know it is a strenuous task to get past the struggles of addiction, but we can assist you with that.  Our services were founded to help clients find a rehabilitation center that will treat every person as an individual.  Addiction is a condition that does not have a one size fits all solution.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we function upon that premise and tailor a program recommendation that is unique to each person.  This way particular underlying issues that are unique to the person are addressed, where many times they otherwise would not.  Take the first step toward a sober life and give us a call today.  We can help you choose the best treatment program for your needs.

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