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when is it time to intervene?

How to Know It’s Time to Intervene in an Addict’s Life

Addiction can develop through several different means.  Sometimes an individual falls quickly into a heavy addiction, or it can develop very insidiously over an extended period of time.  One of the affected parties of addiction is those who are close to the addict, such as family, close friends, and other loved ones.  Often times, they start to observe the signs a good amount of time before it develops into a much worse addiction.  While other times, some can be oblivious to the fact that their loved one is struggling with addiction, many times purely because they hide it so well.  In these cases, they may not even notice until it is too late, and the person has lost their job, overdosed, or even passed away.

Since addiction can have such hellacious consequences upon the addicted person, as well as those close to them, many wonder what the best time to intervene is.  This is an important quandary, being that intervening at the right time can be the difference between them getting treatment or their addiction progressing, or even in the extreme, the difference between life and death.

There are many different ways to know what the current standing of the individual’s addiction is, and when to intervene.  It is beneficial for the loved ones of the addict to educate themselves upon the signs and symptoms of addiction when they suspect it.  This way they can observe the individual and watch for the different signs of addiction.  Signs and symptoms of addiction can vary upon different factors, such as type of substance, amount of use, and length of use.  Some signs that can be indicative of the need to intervene are:

  • Losing a Job
  • Overdosing
  • Neglecting Responsibilities
  • Drinking or using much more consistently
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Emotional outbursts or mood swings
  • Loss of motivation
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Consistent Financial struggles due to use
  • Missing work or school

What Makes a Proper Intervention?

While the above are some major signs to look out for, it is definitely a good idea to become educated on the signs and symptoms of the specific substance being used or suspected of being used.  It is important to be vigilant of these symptoms so that you can stay aware of your loved one’s addiction.  This way a proper intervention can be planned and staged if needed.  There are certain factors that can contribute to a more ideal intervention.  These include:

  • Appropriate Attendees – Who is at the intervention is extremely important. Included should be family, close friends, and other close loved ones.  People who are very close with the addict, and are a large influence in their life are the ones that should attend.
  • Encourage Rather Than Criticize – Interventions can become very intense in the moment, but it is important to simply get the attendees to speak their concerns and worries, and encourage the addict to get treatment, rather than criticize and punish them. The point is to show concern that convinces them to get help, not to aggravate them from criticism.
  • Get Help From a Professional – You can always contact a professional interventionist that can help to arrange and conduct the intervention in the best way possible. Interventionists are generally quite experienced and can help to set up and conduct the intervention in the proper format.  You can also contact us here at Best Drug Rehabilitation and we can help to give advice, and recommend and set up an intervention specialist.

Let Best Drug Rehabilitation Help You Today

Getting treatment for an addiction is something that should never be pushed off until a later time.  Addiction tends to be a highly progressive condition and more often than not worsens rather than improves.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we can help you or your loved one to overcome the hellacious condition of addiction.  Our program ensures that each individual receives the customized treatment that they need.  We craft a unique program that is focused around their particular difficulties and struggles of addiction.  Give us a call today and let us help you or your loved one to achieve sobriety.

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