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[one_half last=”no”]In response to the ever-increasing numbers of substance abusers and addicts in the state, Best Drug Rehabilitation is proud to announce their plan to open a approximately 200 bed addiction treatment facility in Western Michigan in the summer/fall of 2014. This new facility will benefit the surrounding communities in several ways.  First and foremost, addicted persons in the area can now find a treatment program that is proven effective.  Secondly, the facility will employ around 100 people, thereby boosting the economy in the area.  A third benefit relates to how the community will thrive when more and more of its citizens are healed and returned to being a contributing asset to society.[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”] [/one_half]

[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Offering New Hope for Life After Drugs

Far too often today we hear about another death from drug overdose or from drug-related crime and activities.  Best Drug Rehabilitation offers an alternative to that outcome by providing a comprehensive approach to treatment that works, giving clients new hope for reclaiming their future.

Many addicts feel that they are beyond help, that it is too hard and they can’t help but fail.  The goal is to change this negative outlook into one of optimism and ambition.  This is accomplished by treating clients with respect and compassion while helping them heal mentally, physically and spiritually to ensure their time in treatment was well spent.

[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Why Michigan Needs an Addiction Treatment Facility

Across the nation, statistics show that the number of addictions are steadily rising.  Also, newer and more deadly drugs are emerging, both in the illegal drug market and the prescription drug market.  Although Michigan isn’t alone in efforts to bring these numbers down, the state has ranked somewhat above national rates for illicit drug use.

Below are a few comparisons done by SAMHSA that indicate why Michigan needs a facility such as Best Drug Rehabilitation.  These statistics are based on studies done from 2006-2008:

  • 9.03% of persons aged 12 or older in Michigan had used an illicit drug. This is significantly higher than the 8.14% national average.
  • 5.99% of persons nationwide, aged 12 or older, used marijuana recently.  In Michigan the rate is somewhat higher at 6.91%.
  • 7.16% of persons nationwide, aged 12 or older needed, but did not receive, treatment for alcohol use.  In Michigan the rate is slightly higher at 7.41%.
  • In the 2013 overdose mortality rates, Michigan ranks at 18th in the US.
  • Prescription drug overdose deaths in Michigan tripled since 1999, compared to national overdose deaths which doubled in 29 states.
Although many thousands of addicts across the country have recovered and are living productive, enjoyable lives, the numbers above indicate that treatment programs have only just begun to make a difference.  For this reason, the opening of this new facility in Michigan can help those citizens who are in need of a lasting solution to their addiction problems.

[fontawesome icon=”leaf” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Innovative Approach to Addiction Treatment

Through many years of treating addictions, the people at Best Drug Rehabilitation have gained immeasurable expertise in knowing what works and what doesn’t.  They have found that creating an individualized program for each client’s needs is an effective method of ensuring that he or she will remain in treatment long enough to enjoy a successful recovery.  Each aspect of the program is in place to achieve a specific goal for each client as they progress through treatment, with the end result of exiting the program with new hope for a promising future.

To learn more about this new facility in Western Michigan, call now and a Best Drug Rehabilitation representative will be happy to answer your questions.




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  • Amanda

    This place sounds so amazing! I have read through a lot of their successes and reviews and watched their graduations (which brought tears to my eyes) and I just think it is so awesome! I mean in a world infused with drugs and alcohol and sex, it is so nice to see a place that is there to give the people that are having trouble in it a chance to make it again! I think that the place looks beautiful and I wish them all the luck in the world in truly helping all the people in need!

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