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74 Overdoses in 72 Hours Suspected of Being Caused by Bad Heroin

According to Chicago officials today, a total of 74 people overdosed on bad heroin within the last 72 hours. They attribute it to some bad heroin that may have been laced with a painkiller known as Fentanyl. Doctors at Stroger Hospital in Chicago are concerned because the standard treatments for heroin overdoses aren’t immediately working in these cases. The DEA is actively assisting the police in their efforts to track down this bad batch of drugs.

A Bad Idea That Just Keeps Getting Worse

Through the years, the heroin issue has progressively increased to become an epidemic. This drug is no longer the drug of choice mainly among hard-core addicts or street people; today, many people of various social standing have turned to heroin because the prescription painkillers they need are too expensive. This is a global, emerging trend that is gaining momentum with each passing day.
As a person continues using heroin, the effects aren’t as intense as before, so the users seek more powerful solutions.

Heroin alone is a bad idea, but mixing it with other deadly substances is simply making a bad idea worse.

What Can You Do to Help?

Be proactive. Learn the warning signs of heroin abuse and addiction. Join local initiatives that spread education and awareness to the youth in the area. Research treatment options and learn about facilities in your vicinity that specialize in heroin treatment. Intervene if someone you know is addicted to heroin and convince them to seek help.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we understand the unique needs of heroin addicts and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help these individuals achieve recovery.


  • Diane C

    It’s got to be very scary for the addicted person knowing that their drug of choice could be tainted and cause them to become violently ill and even die due to bad product. Even though the person may be purchasing their drugs from the same person all the time, most times the dealer does not use the drug he is selling so would not know if there was anything wrong with it. This is another good reason to get someone into a rehab facility to that they can overcome their addiction.

  • Amanda

    I think that is so sad that many deaths in only a couple of days. The fact that someone is adding such a deadly drug to an already deadly drug is beyond me. That is literally almost a death per hour, how insane. The even scary part is that it has not been located and there can be even more deaths that will occur. And you would think that after an epidemic like this would decrease the use of heroin, but sadly I don’t think that it will deter it at all. Heroin is a very addictive substance. I had a family friend that was addicted to heroin. Luckily he was able to be helped off of the drug, but I know that he had a very hard time. He had family and friends that cared and got him the help that he needed. If you know some one please help them to a drug rehab program. I strongly recommend Best Drug Rehabilitation because they produce results.

  • Jonathan

    Fentanyl is a strong drug that needs to be taken off of the counters and streets but no one is taking action to do so. There is a lot of talk of “Oh this is bad” and “Did you hear what happened to that guy who overdosed on Fentanyl?” but no one takes action. And from what is stated in the article, here is another very large problem caused by the drug. When are people going to wake up again and just say no? Back in the 90’s there wasn’t a problem with that. Parents used to rally and almost riot when something was threatening their kids, there is not the same vigor in protecting the kids as there was in the past.

    I agree strongly with what the article says at the end because it puts people back at a causative angle on the situation. We need to come together as we once did to combat this problem. It will take a shoulder to shoulder effort with each other with work being done to fight it. Best drug rehabilitation can help and does help and should be worked with in facing this problem.

  • marlene

    Not only do addicts have to deal with a horrible disease, now they are subjected to poisonings due to circumstances out of their control Thank you for this article, I can now warn my friends!

  • h

    wow, how intresting!

  • Brandon

    Heroin is easily available more now than ever, and in most states cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. Fentanyl-laced heroin has made the rounds in several locations over the last several years. The strain is called “Suicide”, and it is highly sought out causing the price to go up. It’s simple supply and demand, and it is getting people killed.

  • Ryan

    Considering that the cheap heroin boom is happening in places like Baltimore, I am not surprised that tainted heroin is showing up in Chicago. Being from a small town in Texas, we aren’t exposed much to the effects of such a social menace. I agree that education concerning drug abuse is very important, and I think that there should be changes made to state and federal law in order to decriminalize usage and make heroin available to users by perscription.

  • Ron Davis

    The power of addiction is something I can only imagine being caught up in. It’s very obvious that there is a tremendous amount of power the addiction has once it takes over. To actually know this drug can kill you and still do it is something I won’t ever understand.

  • Walter

    I have heard a lot of things about Fentanyl. It is a scary drug. And I knew that people laced their drugs with other drugs, but that is a freaky one to lace with. The fact that many people died in such a short amount of time is ridiculous. The scariest part of it is that Fentanyl is an FDA approved drug that is given to people, and that should be another indicator that there is such a dangerous drug that is approved for legal use through a hospital.

    I am just shocked that this is not making more headlines and news, but then again that would hurt the bottom line if you ask me. It is beyond me that there is not more being done about this.

    I think that their needs to be something else done about these drugs. If you know anyone, get them to a rehab facility so that there is no doubt that they will get off the drugs.

  • Brandon Apostoloff

    Being from an area where heroin is so prevalent, this article really hits home. I hope that many people read this article so that they can get a better understanding of how to recognize an addiction and take the right steps to get their peers back on track.

  • Peppe Jewel

    Heroine is the worst.

  • Sanger Z

    It’s very important we look for those who are addicted and try to help them.

  • Zsofia H

    I think heroin is one of the most dangerous drug. People who use heroin need so much help to realize they have to go into a rehab facility and get special help there for their recovery.

  • Vanessa Patterson

    Yep, this drug has made its way to every class of people. So very sad. I myself knew 2 persons who have lost their life’s to heroin in just the past year.

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