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That Girl at the Party Interviews Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation

Courtney Henley-Anderson of That Girl at the Party interviews Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation to talk about his company, his motivation for starting a rehabilitation center, and how he overcame his past struggles.

Video transcription below:

Courtney: Hi, this is Courtney Henley-Anderson. We’re here with Per Wickstrom and we’re talking about Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Per: Hi Courtney; it’s great to be here and thanks for coming. Any questions for me?

Courtney: Yeah, tell me about what your company does.

Per: Well, what we’ve done is, we found addiction is kinda on to more of a drug format and people got away from holistic. We’re all trying to eat organic; we’re all trying to live better lives. Well, if we have a problem, whether it’s we hurt our foot, or whether we hurt our back, or whether we have a little emotional stress ‘cause we all do, why are we gonna run out and do drugs? So let’s find a holistic method to get off drugs. And, of course, there are always underlying issues we have to handle because we have issues in life. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be life.

Courtney: Now, will you talk a little about your pain relief cream? What’s in this and why is it different? (Pointing to Prologel)

Per: Well, this is called Prologel and what Prologel is, it was invented in 1946, but it was used as an injectable therapy that they put in under your skin. Well, a doctor in California figured out how to put it in a gel form, and it actually takes away pain.

Courtney: Okay, what are some of the properties in it?

Per: Dextrose

Courtney: Okay

Per: We’ve all heard of…it’s a sugar-based formula. Vitamin D is one of the forms you can get it in, and of course, you have the different gels to get the formula, to get the formula to get into your skin to come down. Well, what it does, the actual therapy is based on the sugar because it tricks the body into thinking you’re injured, and it rushes all the good stuff your body has to heal the injury.

Courtney: Awesome

Per: Yeah, so it’s awesome, awesome!

Courtney: Obviously, New Yorkers don’t get enough sleep because we’re all running our businesses: we have second jobs and third jobs and fourth jobs. You want to tell me a little about sleep vites?

Per: Sure, you probably are like most of us and don’t sleep either, do you?

Courtney: No

Per: No, no; we work 16-hour days and we get about four or five hours a night.

Courtney: Yes

Per: Me too. So, we got together with a doctor, and we use this in our treatment. You know for people who have addictions, of course coming off drugs they’re not getting the right kind of sleep. So instead of looking for something natural, they go to the doctor and he gives them some form of western medicine which is a drug. You know, and that doesn’t help because it’s just a replacement; it’s replacement therapy. It’s not getting something that’s gonna work. So Dr. Price came up with a sleep package, as we call it, that puts a lot of holistic like Tryptophan, Melatonin, Magnesium. If you don’t know what Magnesium is, it’s what your back produces when you sleep at night, and calcium together in a powder and you take it like a fizzy. You pour the powder in warm water, and you drink it down, and this also comes with a guarantee. And if you take this, take a walk before you go to bed, come back, half hour you’ll be asleep.

Courtney: I will?

Per: How does that sound?

Courtney: Awesome!      (Inaudible)

Per: It introduces you more holistically to something besides taking drugs, and that’s what we’re all about.

Courtney: Okay, and also tell me about…are you seeing an increase in prescription drug addiction? What are the major addictions that people have now?

Per: The major addiction in the, in my market place since 2006, and I’ve been in this business for 12 years, is going to Oxycodone, probably heard of those, Xanax, probably heard of that; of course, those are the two biggest. It seems to me, you know, we have pain and instead of handling our pain, like there’s other things like acupuncture, massage; you know Cygalle’s got the massage going on right now. Get a nice massage, there’s the gel. Instead of handling those pains, we’re trying to mask them. And then what happens after you’ve taken drugs so long?  Your body starts to build up a resistance; then it becomes an addiction. And when it becomes an addiction, then you have to come see me. And you don’t want that to happen.

Courtney: Okay, and then also I’m really concerned about children living with this.

Per: Yep

Courtney: I find people with the ADD thing; it’s exploded. The kid’s a little active; suddenly he needs to be drugged.  Are we seeing a lot of people like that, that were drugged as teens 10-15 years ago now addicted to other things?

Per: Well, our society has become, and you probably know this; we all want to get fixed as fast as possible. Right? When you get a cold, you go to the doctor; you want the doctor to fix you right away. You don’t want the doctor to take time and actually …you know, I want my cold fixed, or you go and you have a broken leg; you want the leg to heal. Or you hurt your foot; you want it to get better. You want it as fast as possible. The problem with young people is, and the problem with Ritalin; Ritalin is a class II narcotic. It’s a derivative based simply almost like cocaine. And they give it to kids under ten years old. But, weren’t we all kinda rowdy when we were young?

Courtney: Right! Yeah!

Per: Yeah, I can tell you were rowdy, and I was rowdy definitely. Why are we trying to put them on drugs? Let’s find out what their underlying issues are, and let’s handle the individual. If he is rowdy, let’s give him more games to play. Let’s not try and make him go sit in the corner. ‘Cause what happens when you wanna run around and they make you sit in the corner? You get anxiety, then you go see the doctor. Well then you’re back. They form this as badness, and it’s not bad, to be rowdy and to have fun. Isn’t’ that what life really is?

Courtney: Right!

Per: So yes, you brought up a major concern. We have over 10 million kids on Ritalin and it’s not the fix to the problem. The fix is to make them have more fun, work harder, and you know there’s natural things out there they can take, like the Tryptophan, like ah 5HTP. 5HTP is a natural medication to deal with the stresses of life.

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