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Style Cartel Interviews Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation

Charlotte Smith of Style Cartel interviews Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation to talk about his company, his motivation for starting a rehabilitation center, and how he overcame his past struggles.

Video transcription below:

Charlotte: Hi, you’re here with Charlotte from Style Cartel, and we are at the Empire Hotel for spa day on the third day of Fashion Week. I need it so bad. We are doing the four cities; we’re doing New York, London, and Malone and Paris, and this lovely man is gonna get us ready for those four cities.

Per: How are you?

Charlotte: I’m fine. Who are you and how are you?

Per: My name is Per Wickstrom. I’m actually from a little town near Detroit, Michigan, and I’m here on Fashion Week, and we’re trying to put the holistic venue to treatment for everybody that’s here, and we’re also trying to spread our message, and that is that we, as Runwaytosuccess.org and Best Drug Rehabilitation, have a different approach to making people feel better.

Charlotte: So, tell me more like who, what, why, when, where?

Per: Well, addiction touches our life, touches everybody’s life. This is not just here at Fashion Week. This is the worldwide problem that I think we have, and we all know we have, in the United States and in the world. So what I did, I had my own problems when I was younger, and um, I actually went to more of a holistic based program, not one that’s AA or NA based, and I got some good treatments and some good reasons that we don’t feel good about ourselves, and I was actually able to make some changes.

Charlotte: Okay

Per: And so I decided to, instead of being a businessman, I decided I wanted to devote my life to helping people, so I came up with this whole venue and as any industry in the world, whether it’s fashion, whether it’s bankers, whether it’s stockbrokers, or whether it’s just a regular guy that builds cars, we all have addiction. It touches our family and it touches our hearts, and we have to fix it. And the way we’re fixing it now is by giving people more drugs. You know the other thing that I stress is the sleep powder; most people don’t sleep. Well, what do they give you when you don’t sleep, sleeping pills, yeah? They’re quick to say “Here, well wait a minute; take some of these and call me later.” And why mask something artificially when you can find something holistic to take care of yourself?

Charlotte: How do you talk to someone to help them to get over their addiction without being like, “You know you’re an addict. I think you’re an addict, and you need to stop.”

Per: Those are pretty forceful questions, and when you hit someone with force, what do they do? They hit back, so you don’t want to use force. So, what you want to do is you wanna come in with maybe you and maybe another girlfriend, or another loved one, and maybe sit down and just get in a good two-way communication and say “How is life going, okay? Are you trying to solve any problems? Do you have any problems right now you want to fix?” And usually the person will open up when you start talking about problems you know, like relationships, there’s a big one; jobs, there’s another big one; family, another big one. Usually, there’s an undercutting issue to the situation to where the person’s going out partying to try to mask what’s going on. Just get in good like we’re talking right now.  Just say “Hey, what’s going on; what’s up?  What are you trying to fix by going out and getting lambasted?”

Charlotte: That’s a really good point, and that’s a really good strategy, and I’m actually, I’m gonna, I have like two people I need to talk to.

Per: And if you want more information, okay, you’re welcome on   www.bestdrugrehabilition.com; um, there’s phone numbers you can call us. I will leave you with one of my cards. We have a whole pamphlet we send out. It’s called ’Intervention’ and we’ve all heard that word. Intervention, woo, and I hate to scare people like that, but it’s a reality. Sometimes you got to sit down and say “Hey are you gonna change, or do we have to disconnect from you?”

Charlotte: Wow!

Per: Yeah, that’s where it comes to when it gets really bad, probably where the person stops calling you, stops being your friend, and then you start to recognize the communication…

Charlotte: Or, they just get angry at you for nothing.

Per: Well, that can happen too; yeah, but you see what I mean. So, we do have help, the step by step guides that we can send out to you that are free. They don’t cost any money, and they can help you get that person the help they need, if they need it.

Charlotte: Okay

Per: The quickest thing somebody does is to say “You’re not well.” Okay a doctor, or a psychiatrist, or a psychologist says “You’re not well.” It’s great getting counseling. I’m all for somebody being able to talk, like if you and I went into the other room, we could talk about, you know a little bit more in depth privately. But, there’s natural medications out there. There’s medications like 5-HTP which is basically…..you know when you eat turkey?

Charlotte: Um, hum

Per: You know how you get tired after you eat turkey?

Charlotte: Right

Per: Tryptophan, it’s based on Tryptophan. It’s a natural medication that takes anxiety and (pushing hands down) schewwwww.  Now why wouldn’t a doctor say, “Hey, don’t take some Zoloft; why don’t you take some Tryptophan?”

Charlotte: Well, we won’t get into that; we won’t get into that. (Laughing)

Per: (laughing) But you know what I mean. So right, your niece and nephew being in that game, you can say, “Hey, try some of these.” Hey you know, and it might work and it might not be a 100 percent; nothing’s a 100 percent.

Charlotte: Right

Per: Maybe that will help you a little bit.

Charlotte: So, what am I in for after I leave you? What are you gonna pamper me with this morning?

Per: We’re gonna take that neck and we’re gonna crack it, and we’re gonna move it around, and we’re gonna make it feel so good, and you don’t need a facial. You’re gorgeous, so that’s easy; yeah, you don’t need that. And we have the massage chair, and I really do want you to rub some of this cream in with the girl that does the massage on you, and then come back and see me in about 20 minutes when you’re done. And you will go “Where do I get it at?”

Charlotte: Okay

Per: It’s that good, and we’re gonna pamper you too.

Charlotte: Thank you

Per: And some pictures, we’re gonna get some pictures.

Charlotte: I need to be pampered; thank you so much. I just wanted to say as well, when I got the press release, that’s why I wanted to come because I work in fashion and I know everybody has addiction, and I know everybody’s stressed, and I know people that are addicted, and I think what you are doing is wonderful because I totally believe in holistic medicine. I’m not a pill popper; I hate pills. I’d rather keep my cold and let it die than…

Per: Than to take a bunch of Benadryl.

Charlotte: Exactly, so thank you for having us.

Per: Very nice, very nice; thank you.

Charlotte: Stop it! (Laughing) Thank you!

Per: Thank you very much!

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