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Per Wickstrom Interviewed at New York Fashion Week

Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation was interviewed at New York Fashion Week about his company, his motivation for starting a rehabilitation center, and how he overcame his past struggles.

Video transcription below:

Interviewer: Here we are at Fashion Week with…

Per: Per Wickstrom

Interviewer: Who has the most wonderful thing imaginable, a holistic rehab. What exactly is holistic rehab?

Per: Well, what we’ve done is we’ve found that people get put on drugs to come off of drugs. People use drugs to try to get better, and usually, the fact of the matter is finding something holistic is something different. So what we’ve done is, we’ve combined a lot of doctors, and we’ve discovered that there are certain products that will help you sleep, help you get over pain, and of course, you still have to confront underlying issues, but help people in a holistic viewpoint that is all natural. Instead of like using a sleeping aide to sleep, why don’t you find something that will actually work that’s a natural type of thing?

Interviewer: And that’s Dr. Price’s Sleep Vites, right?

Per: Yep, Dr. Price’s Sleep Vites, and one thing about this is it’s all natural; it doesn’t have any drugs in it.

Interviewer: So no addiction and best of all, this is what I love about all this, no side effects for people like me; I can’t take any drugs at all. I always get the side effect. So this way you don’t have to worry about it.

Per: You don’t have to worry about it because it’s all natural. It’s all vitamins and it’s things that come in food that we normally eat every day. And the biggest thing about it is people, especially in our industries in our fast paced lives, whether it’s fashion, or whether it’s sports, we’re on the go constantly. So what we do is we use these to help us.

Interviewer: And then you have this other wonderful stuff for pain, and let’s say you have arthritis, or a backache, or whatever. Again, you don’t have to worry about those awful creams or awful dreadful drug stuff. This, again, is holistic.

Per: This is called Prologel, it’s all natural. And what again, what we find is we hurt ourselves. We’re going to the gym, we’re at work, we’re stressed out from our jobs. What happens when we’re stressed out from our jobs? We have neck and back pain, right? Everybody probably watching this has neck and back pain. This guy’s discovered a gel; it’s called Prologel that takes it away, and it’s all natural.

Interviewer: Especially for you actors and dancers out there, this is fantastic.

Per: Yep, it is.

Interviewer: So how did you come up with all this, and especially I want to go back to the drug rehab; where can you go for all this?

Per: Well, we have five centers based in Michigan and Indiana; we’re in the Midwest. And most centers don’t do what we do. We use holistic viewpoints to try to help people instead of replacing, like I keep talking about replacement drug therapy. We use vitamin, mineral, and amino acid therapy. Why put somebody on some kind of a drug? Let’s find out what’s wrong and let’s handle the guy.

Interviewer: And that’s bad for an addicted person to begin with.

Per: So right!

Interviewer: And we can’t get addicted to a vitamin; it’s not a drug you know.

Per: So, if you wanna, you wanna actually look, it’s www.bestdrugrehabilitation.com. They can actually look at the website and learn what we do, and combine everything to get everybody help.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful! But how did you think about this in the first place, because I can get nothing like this anywhere else?

Per: I had my own bouts with addiction when I was younger, um and decided that I needed to find some other form to handle it. And it isn’t just the Sleep Vites and the Prologel. It goes deeper than that; it goes into finding bigger games to play, more purpose in life. You know after you handle those underlying issues, you still have to go have fun. The problem is we forget about that as adults; we forget. Remember when you were children, we played kick the can, or you played hide and seek? You don’t do any more of that when you’re an adult. You forget the game has to be fun.

Interviewer: Yeah, and coping too.

Per: And that’s some of the holistic stuff we teach people. Yeah to play! Let’s go play tonight.

Interviewer: Express your inner child.

Per: Exactly!

Interviewer: Well it sounds like so much fun; I mean I’m not even an addict but I want to become an addict so I can go to one of your facilities. (Giggling) Well, thank you very much.

Per: Thank you for your time; I appreciate you.

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