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Candifiend Interviews Per Wickstrom

Alice An of Candifiend interviews Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation and Cygalle of Cygalle Healing Spa.

Video transcription below:

Alice: Hi guys; how are you today?

Per: Excellent

Alice: Can you just briefly tell our audience who you are and what your business is, and what your promotion is?

Cygalle: I am Cygalle Dias from Cygalle Healing Spa. I have a holistic luxury lifestyle firm. I have another firm which is a marketing firm, and I combine these two companies to do special events like mobile spa like we have here today. We really support this, you know, approach, and we want to get it out there, and that is why we’re here today with Per, actually.

Per: My name is Per Wickstrom and I am the CEO of a company called Runwaytosuccess.org which represents five different treatment modalities or systems, and we developed a more holistic approach to fight different addictions, different problems people have in life.

Alice: That’s interesting.

Per: And we have five buildings and an average of 50,000 square feet of location, and we have one detox center that’s strictly holistic, so instead of replacing or doing replacement therapy, if somebody has a problem, we use natural holistic methods to get them off drugs and keep them off.

Alice: When you guys say ‘holistic,’ can you explain exactly what holistic means?

Cygalle: Organic and steroid-free, and no chemicals. I, like a lot of other people you know, it’s growing in interest and popularity, to not put chemicals in your body or on your skin, and to eat healthy and to use true holistic products that go into your skin, like mine, and your blood and vice versa. So, it’s a combination holistic lifestyle and that’s what we support which is a mind, body, and spiritual thing. It’s just no chemicals.

Per: Yeah, her face creams are all 100 percent natural, and it’s kinda like the water industry we have now. Who goes to the tap and drinks tap water now? Nobody, nobody. You drink bottled water because of the chemicals that they add, and not only in that. I mean the average apple has 67 pesticides in it. Why do we want to eat that stuff?

Alice: 67, that is.

Per: In an apple, a non-organic apple, so we’ve combined up, in my viewpoint, we’ve combined up a lifestyle change for people that don’t want to live life in a chemical oriented society and are actually going to make a change in what we’re dealing with now.

Alice: Cygalle, you were saying that you want to help people bring their lives to a different place, a different level that maybe they didn’t even know could happen. Could you kind of delve into that for me a little bit further?

Cygalle: Yeah, over the past 17 years that I’ve personally observed and practiced using an organic approach which is basically being more cautious of what you eat and what you put on your skin, so what you put in your body and on your skin, it’s like that’s how you feel you’re gonna look, so the whole philosophy of changing your lifestyle is that you have to be cautious and more careful if you want to because there’s a lot of people that are starting to do it and they are starting to feel like the benefits of these healing ingredients. So, you know I have organic (inaudible) and his partner here and they’re going to give you an example. You know, they make their juice, so then they give it to you so all the enzymes are in it still. Then they give it to you, and that’s how you get more benefits of these healing ingredients.

Per: And that’s the same day.

Cygalle: The same day.

Per: They give it to you the same day.

Cygalle: Yeah, they have a date on it.

Per: Yeah, they don’t do it the next day stuff.

Cygalle: My products are the same thing; like the customer orders it; we make it. We don’t take it from the inventory. It doesn’t have a lot of chemicals ’cause other companies have to put the chemicals in it to keep it fresh.

Per: To keep it fresh. That makes sense.

Cygalle: People do that with food; people do it with many things in our environment that we live in and you know, it’s like with Per’s approach to you know, our busy you know, days that we have. We all work very hard I’m sure and we’re always busy. So, you know, there’s things you can do with fitness and dieting, spiritual coaching. There’s many different ways and treatments that you can have actually whether it’s like my (inaudible) body scrubs, or it’s what Per does, you know. There’s things you can do to make your life more, I don’t know, more energy to bring to yourself physically for more clarity of mind, I guess. There are so many ways, and we’re here like a lot of people that are more today, you know, than ever before, I mean like I’ve seen it double more than half.

Alice: More than half?

Cygalle: People are now switching and are more conscious that….

Per: to the organic methods.

Cygalle: I want to be more healthy and I wanna look good and feel good and live longer, and this is definitely working, and here we are.

Per: And her skin looks great, you know she does. She looks great. (Laughing)

Cygalle: (laughing) Today it’s not great. Fashion Week is taking a little

Per: That’s the 16-hour days we work.

Cygalle: (touching face) I’m sure I look a little……..

Alice: You look great. (Turns to Per) You look great too. Very good skin, smooth.

Cygalle: I know, he has beautiful skin; I keep telling him that.

Per: I use her products. (pointing to Cygalle) That’s a good thing. Yep, it’s her products, you know.

Cygalle: And I love Per. He’s a really good supporter and that’s why we’re a really good synopsis.

Per: Yeah, we work really well together. You know we’re all in a field where we want to have a better lifestyle. You know, we wanna have more fun in life. You know, where we live and what we do. You know, New York never sleeps at night. There’s always something to do in New York.

Alice: Yeah, New York.

Per: Why would you have to go use something to have a fun time?

Alice: So, last question. It is very go go go here in New York City. Can you give me three things that all our fashion and beauty ladies can do this week to bring themselves to another level, to learn to relax just for a few moments of the day?

Cygalle: Oh, I have a good one; I have a couple, but I’ll give you one. Soak in water ritual because I believe in rituals, and you can do it at home. So, what you do is, you can do it, in the bath is preferable; so you make it very hot and you fill it up with Epsom salts.

Alice: Epsom salts? Like you buy in the drug store?

Cygalle: Yeah.

Per: Exactly.

Cygalle: And it’s not expensive. Put a lot of that and then soak in it like 15 to 20 minutes and it takes like the toxins out, the salts, and you can put like a little lavender in it, and it’s very relaxing, and that, I think, would be a really good thing. And then when you get out, you can put like coconut oil on too which I think is really fabulous. And then your skin will be glowing. Your whole body will feel relaxed and you will feel good. So, that’s one thing that you can do.

Per: And then a real one, after you take that bath, if you put on some shorts and a tee shirt, just real casual; then take a walk.

Alice: A walk?

Per: A walk before you go to bed. It’s the greatest way, and look. Walk around and look at different things. Look at trees and, wherever you are, you could be in your apartment walking. It’s kind of like extroverts you and you take a nice long walk and then you go up and hop into bed and go to sleep. No TV.

Alice: No TV?

Per: No TV. Go to sleep; go to bed.

Alice: A lot of people fall asleep with the TV on.

Per: Yeah, I understand.

Cygalle: I know.


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