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When is a Substance Abuse Intervention Needed?

When a loved one finds themselves dependent on drugs, alcohol or other substances, it can be difficult for both the addict and close friends and family. It can be difficult for loved ones to watch someone self-destruct and not know how to help. Furthermore, it can be frustrating for a loved one who is dependent on a substance to be told they need help regularly. In cases like this, a substance abuse intervention can significantly benefit everyone involved.

What is a Substance Abuse Intervention?

Unlike times where loved ones who are dependent on a substance are told they need to seek help, a substance abuse intervention is a structured process that results in a solution. The purpose of an intervention is generally to get someone who has a problem with substance abuse to seek help in overcoming their addiction.

Those who are involved in an intervention are typically close family and friends who are participating in the person’s life. Anyone can share their feelings on why it’s important for the person to seek help and how the substance abuse has affected family relationships and friendships. An intervention is not a confrontation or a time to point fingers but is an opportunity for the individual with a substance abuse problem to accept help and take their first step toward recovery.

When Should an Intervention Be Done?

Some people who struggle with substance abuse recognize that they have a problem and know they need help to overcome their addiction. In this case, an intervention wouldn’t be necessary as the person already agrees they need help. However, many people are not aware that they have a problem or don’t want to acknowledge that they have a problem. In this case, an intervention is necessary to get the person to look and agree that help is needed. It’s not uncommon for addicts to deny that they have a problem with drugs and to blame their problems on other people. An intervention can break through the denial and help them see more clearly.

While it has been believed for a long time that an addict needs to be in terrible shape before they are ready to seek help, an intervention can be done at any point and should be done sooner than later. When the addict agrees to seek help, a treatment program at a rehabilitation center should be found, and the user should enter rehab as soon as possible.

Professional Substance Abuse Intervention

When a substance abuse intervention doesn’t go as planned when done by yourself, a professional intervention can be the next step. Sometimes addicts react violently or become angry when they are confronted about their addiction, making a professional intervention less intimidating for friends and family. A professional intervention ensures the meeting will go as smooth as possible and provide the best chance of your loved one deciding to seek help. Additionally, a professional intervention ensures the meeting stays on track and keeps the focus on the addict to agree to receive help.

How to Prepare for Success After the Intervention

It is a significant accomplishment to have gotten a loved one to look and decide that they need help to overcome their addiction. However, it is important that you don’t stop at that point. At the end of a successful intervention, the addict should enter a substance abuse treatment program as soon as possible, if not immediately. The addicted individual’s motivation to seek help is very high when they decide help is necessary. If you wait too long, that motivation starts to decrease, and another intervention may be needed.

By researching rehabilitation centers and choosing the best fit for your loved one before the intervention begins can prevent a second intervention from needing to be done and allows the addicted individual to take action right then and there. If an intervention was not successful, that doesn’t mean it can’t be in the future. Sometimes the intervention plants the seed that may take days or weeks for the addicted individual to realize they do need help finally.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Interventions

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we understand just exactly what it takes to fully recover and heal from the downward spiral that is drug or alcohol addiction and all that is involved with it. We do our absolute best to find a unique approach to addiction treatment that encompasses all of the very many different aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual issues involved in addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction or would like to learn more about how to have a successful intervention with your loved one, please contact us.

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