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How a Drug Rehabilitation Program Works

When you’re getting ready to enter a drug rehabilitation program, you may be wondering what you should expect. Every treatment center isn’t the same, but many of them use similar methods to help addicts recover from their addiction. The rehab center will first make sure that you’re physically healthy because long-term drug use can cause a chemical dependency that creates some uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. After that, you’ll begin the rehabilitation process, which uses a variety of different types of therapies.

The Detoxification Process

The human body is always trying to maintain homeostasis, so when you have been drinking or using drugs for months or years, your body will have a reaction to the substance being absent from the system for too long. Similar to when your body tells you it needs water or food, your body is trying to tell you that it needs drugs to feel well. The main difference is that these symptoms of withdrawal are much harsher than being hungry or thirsty. Depending on the substances you were using, the symptoms of withdrawal can include nausea, anxiety, insomnia as well as body aches and pains.

Withdrawal can also be potentially dangerous, so the drug rehabilitation program will try to ensure that you’re safe throughout detox. A medical staff that specializes in addiction will check your blood pressure and heart rate to make sure neither reaches dangerous levels. They will do everything possible to help keep you safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Some addicts may experience post-acute withdrawal after they have been through detox, which can include restless leg syndrome and other minor symptoms. While addiction medications may help lessen these symptoms, they may not disappear right away.

Individual Therapy Sessions in a Drug Rehabilitation Program

In a drug rehabilitation program, you’ll meet in a one-on-one environment with a therapist to discuss your problems with addiction. The counselor will pay close attention to your past to try to discover where your addiction first began. They may find that you started using to cover up feelings of stress, anxiety or depression so they can start to teach you how to deal with those feelings more healthily. It’s also important that your therapist finds out if you may be suffering from a separate mental illness as well, which is known as a dual diagnosis.

Group Therapy Sessions and Education

One of the most important parts of treatment is working in a group with others who are trying to recover from their addiction as well. You’ll work on communication skills with members of your group, and you’ll also begin to develop a support group. It’s often said that it’s a good thing everyone doesn’t have a bad day on the same day, which is why a support group is so beneficial. In the drug rehabilitation program, you’ll be able to help others who are struggling, and they can do the same for you when you’re going through a rough time as well.

Aftercare Treatment

Recovery from addiction is an ongoing process, so it will be recommended that you attend aftercare treatment once you have completed the rehabilitation program. Aftercare is an optional group environment where the alumni from the treatment center meet to discuss life after treatment and maintain the foundation of support that they built during treatment. Attending meetings is also a great way for a therapist from the treatment center to track your progress once you’ve finished treatment so they can offer you suggestions if it seems like you may be on the verge of relapse.


  • onie

    I think treatment should be maintain for the rest of their life especially to people who are in bad condition before they go to rehabilitation care.

  • Angie

    When it comes time to get help for an addiction, it is important to learn the process that each facility uses so that you can find the best drug rehab center for you. It’s great to see that there are places that offer good after-care programs that can help you if you feel you may turn to drugs or alcohol again. They can help you stay clean and sober!

  • Jonathan

    This was a very good article and gave me a lot of information that I had been missing before. I had heard how bad a person feels when going through withdrawals but i never new way.
    It is good that what care this drug rehabilitation program takes as I am very sure others do not.
    I know first hand that it is important to monitor the heart rate and blood pressure as when I was doing a detoxification program I knew something was off with my body and my heart rate had accelerated to 200 BPM which is a high and almost dangerous heart rate for a person even when running and I was sitting down.
    I am sure if other drug rehab centers took as much care as your facility did, they wouldn’t have as many relapses after therapy.

  • Amanda

    I think this gave a basic but good insight on how drug rehab centers works. Starting anything-new can being scary especially when you do not know what to except. Drugs and alcohol addiction are hard to deal with and scary. There is a lot of fear and unknown of how life will be after a person is off the drugs. I did not realize that was what was occurring with drugs and the body, but I think the detox program if done correctly is very effective in getting rid of toxins and resetting a person’s body like new or at least newer. I did not know that there were individual and group session that were apart of drug rehab. I think that is great because you can have time to focus on what you ran into or had problems with in regards your own personal addiction. But also have the group sessions to go over your problems and be able to listen to other people and know that you are not alone. And I think the best idea is the aftercare with the drug rehab. I mean a person goes through a very tough time and makes it out of rehab and then does not have the full support to stay strong. I think this is very helpful because it gives the person an outlet when they run into trouble when in the real world. I personally really like the way Best Drug Rehabilitation is set up in helping people get off of drugs. Find the place that works best for you. Life is worth living.

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