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Finding Help for a Loved One with Multiple Addictions

Addiction can absolutely destroy an individual’s life.  Whether it be alcohol, legal or illicit drugs, they can all take control of an individual’s life. Since an addiction to a single substance can already be quite hellacious, the struggles of addiction can be exponentially compounded for those who are struggling with an addiction to multiple substances at the same time.

There are many individuals within our modern society who are dealing with this condition.  The prominence of multiple substance addiction or “polysubstance dependence,” which is the official term, is something that is nothing new.  In fact, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “Over the last decade the percentage of Americans who took at least one prescription drug in the past month increased by 10%. The use of multiple prescription drugs increased by 20% and the use of five or more drugs increased by 70%.”  While these stats are mainly in regard to prescription drugs, the trends are also occurring within the realm of illicit drugs.

Reasons Behind Polysubstance Dependence

The reasons that a person becomes addicted or dependent upon several substances can vary between individuals, but there are some factors which can be isolated.  One of such can be for the purpose of regulating other drugs within their body.  An example of this would be someone taking stimulants to counteract or balance the effects of depressants in their system.  This is common in those dealing with prescription drug abuse.

Families of drugs can also play a role.  Someone may stick to a particular type of drug and find that acceptable, such as using multiple different types of painkillers or other opiates, with them all being the same family of substances.  Some view this as essentially being addicted to only one type of drug, and then say they will never touch others such as cocaine.

Finding help for an addiction to multiple substances is a proposition that needs to be handled in the correct way.  While recovery from multiple substance abuses is not at all in the realm of impossible, it is important when seeking treatment to keep a few different factors in mind regarding it.  These can include such things as length of use, types of drugs, and co-occurring disorders.

A large factor that can make treatment difficult for those with an addiction to multiple substances is the fact that many of these people attempt to conceal one or more of the substances that they are addicted to.  Such as attending treatment for their heroin addiction but not disclosing that they also use alcohol heavily.  Not only can this be a danger during detox if they need to be weaned from both substances, but as well as during the course of treatment the underlying factors of both may not be addressed.  It is critical that the factors behind all of their addictions get addressed to fully handle their struggle and give them the best chance at long term recovery and sobriety.

It can be distressing to find out that your loved one is an addict in general, and even worse when they are struggling with several substances.  The important thing to remember is that the situation is not only filled with despair and in fact there is help out there.  While your loved one may be having a hard time with their addiction, it is possible for them to overcome their struggle and make it into long term recovery.  Their best chance at recovery is by far going to be attending a long term inpatient treatment center.

Best Drug Rehab Offers a Solution

Best Drug Rehabilitation was founded on the premise of handling each individual’s addiction uniquely.  We have helped thousands to recover from the burdens of drug and alcohol abuse, both those with multiple addictions and otherwise.  Our amount of experience allows us to ensure that we craft the perfect program for those struggling with multiple addictions.  If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, give us a call here at Best Drug Rehabilitation today.

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