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Buzzed or Intoxicated: How Much is too Much?

There are plenty of substances that are abused daily by individuals all around the world, illicit and otherwise.  While authorities of the nation work to battle these illicit substances, the irony of the situation is that one of the most abused and dangerous substances used is a legal one.  This substance is alcohol, which is used by a multitude of individuals every day for many different purposes, whether it be to relax after a long work day or week, a celebration or to numb or lessen a painful experience.  While a drink now and then can be one way to relax for the evening or to socialize, alcohol consumption can develop into a worse condition very quickly.

The Six Stages of Alcohol Effects

Due to how fast alcohol consumption can ramp up, it begs the question: How much is too much?  Fortunately, there are certain characteristics that are indicative of six different levels or phases of intoxication that can be observed.  The brain is affected in different ways throughout the different phases as well.  These stages are below:

  1. The Euphoria Stage – In the first stage, an individual will exhibit signs such as reduction of inhibitions, more talkative, flush in the face, inability to concentrate as well, and some impairment of fine motor skills.
  2. The Excitement Stage – This stage escalates the effects the individual is experiencing. It can include such things as decreased reaction time, dulled senses, tiredness, coordination impairment, and erratic behavior can begin to come about.
  3. The Confusion Stage – This is the stage where an individual begins to become quite emotional. Other characteristics include slurring of speech, vision difficulties, pain senses dulled, and trouble with walking.
  4. The Stupor Stage – This stage is where people might begin to be concerned for the individual’s health, being that it includes inability to stand or walk, reduced response to stimuli, and nausea or vomiting.
  5. The Coma Stage – This is an extremely dangerous stage that is entered into when an individual consumes far too much alcohol. It includes unconsciousness, decreased body temperature, decreased heart rate, and shallow breathing.
  6. Death – Obviously, as most know, when alcohol consumption is taken to the extreme, it can end in death.

Some individuals will gradually increase the amount that they drink each time as their life goes on, which can bring them into higher stages of intoxication.  In some cases, people will drink themselves into higher stages quite early on, this is particularly true of teenagers who tend to often binge drink at parties.  Obviously, as this type of drinking progresses in can end up in a severe dependency.  At this point, an individual begins to have to hide their drinking or sneak around to drink.  When it reaches this point, it is crucial they seek help so that they do not begin to drink themselves into even higher stages such as coma, or even death eventually.

Since alcohol abuse can be fallen into quite easily, many individuals end up needing help to get clean and sober from it.  The treatment of alcohol dependence requires a vigilant eye since detox can be full of difficulties.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, our detox center is properly set up and staffed with professionals so that the detox experience can be eased as much as possible.  Finding the right treatment center is an integral part of preparing the individual for long term success.  We tailor a treatment program for each individual so that they can have their particular needs addressed, which produces much higher success.  Give us a call today so that we can get you or your loved one onto the road to sobriety.

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