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5 Ways to Prevent Accidental Overdose

Addiction can lead to a great many serious repercussions as an individual continues to abuse that substance, whether it be prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuana, or other illicit drugs.  An addict’s life can begin to function purely around the substance, while everything else is neglected.  When a person is so enveloped by a substance, they can begin to consume it to the extent that it becomes dangerous to their health.  This can lead to a word that no one ever likes to hear – overdose.

The Prevalence of Overdose

Overdose is unfortunately a condition in which many individuals struggling with an addiction end up in. In fact, according to a report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “During 2014, a total of 47,055 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States, representing a 1-year increase of 6.5%, from 13.8 per 100,000 persons in 2013 to 14.7 per 100,000 persons in 2014. The rate of drug overdose deaths increased significantly for both sexes, persons aged 25–44 years and ≥55 years, non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks, and in the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southern regions of the United States.”  The fact that the rates of overdose have increased so significantly show that there are many individuals out there not receiving the help they need.

While overdose can sometimes be brought upon intentionally, it many times is not.  A person using drugs or alcohol does not always realize how bad their addiction has gotten until it is too late.  Since accidental overdose tends to be more common, better prevention of it could be key in reducing overall overdose rates.  Due to that, here are 5 Ways to Prevent Accidental Overdose:

  1. Communication – Having open communication with your loved one can be critical in preventing them from overdosing. This provides them a safe person to reach to or ask for help with their drug use so it does not go too far.
  1. Watch for Signs of Addiction – Being aware of and watching for the signs of addiction can help to catch and treat it early on. If you suspect an addiction in a loved one, educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of addiction.
  1. Have the Talk – When you begin to observe the signs of serious drug dependency in your loved one, it is important to talk to them about it. This intervention could be the tipping point of them seeking help or passing into the realm of overdose.
  2. Utilize Counseling – If you or a loved one are dealing with a difficult addiction, seeking counseling can assist with it. Counseling can help a person to sort through the issues and difficulties that are conducive to addiction so that they can be addressed and handled.
  1. Seek Inpatient Treatment – If the addiction in yourself or a loved one has gone too far, it may be the best option to seek inpatient addiction treatment. Treatment can be the best option in helping an individual to overcome their addiction so it does not lead to overdose, or death.

When a person is seeking help or their family is seeking help for them, it is important to find the right type of treatment center.  Since every individual who is struggling with an addiction has their own particular issues, it is crucial that they receive treatment that is crafted specifically to them.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we ensure that every person that enters our program has their own tailored treatment program.  We want to give every person the best chance at success in long term recovery.  If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one with an addiction, give us a call today.

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