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How Teens Can Fight Peer Pressure to Do Drugs

How Teens Can Fight Peer Pressure to Do Drugs

Teens dealing with the peer pressure regarding drugs in school is more than common. It’s easy for some kids to be exposed to drugs depending on who their classmates are and what kind of neighborhood in which they live. The problem is that most parents aren’t proactive against the problem. They simply believe that teens can handle the pressure, but taking precautions can make a world of difference to how they feel and if they can overcome the issue and fight peer pressure to do drugs.

Educate Them About the Consequences of Drugs

Parents of teenagers should strive to handle the job of teaching their children about drugs up front. Don’t be scared as a parent to talk about these subjects. Educating them about the consequences can make a big difference to how receptive they are when the temptations to try drugs out comes along. It can be hard not to know whether they are being threatened with drugs or not, but the key is just to educate them.

Staying Active After School Can Help Fight Peer Pressure

Staying active is not always easy, so that’s why you need to get your kids active and going. When they are done at school, try to get them moving and in a sport or activity. Anything to get them off the street or lurking around the neighborhood doing nothing. Being in a sport can help maintain the ability to be active, alongside meeting fellow teens outside of school who are also in the same sport or activity. Keeping them away from being idle can amazingly help kids fight peer pressure.

Introduce Them to Different Activities

It doesn’t always have to be participating in a sport. It could be going to the gym, taking a karate class, learning how to paint, taking singing lessons, or even a dance class. Enroll your child in different things to see what they are most interested in because doing so can give them that opportunity to strive for something more which can help focus on them improving their confidence, self-esteem, and self-image, which can, in turn, enhance their lives.

Provide Adequate Support Daily

Parents should strive to be their child’s moral support. Be wise with what you say to your child that may damage their self-esteem and confidence. A single phrase that you say can highly affect their self-worth, and it may cause future problems when brought the opportunity to use drugs. Parents should be more supportive and kind, and simply being there for your kid can make a world of difference to how they see themselves and their world. Also, it can be their number one asset to fight peer pressure.

Monitor Their Lives While Giving Space

It’s important that you monitor their lives whenever you can. Doing so can make you the chance to stay updated on their lives. Whether it’s what they do on their phones or computers, you want to give them space while also trying to see what they are up to because you don’t want them veering off in the wrong direction.

Develop a Relationship

The way to combat any issue, whether it be about drugs, sex, alcohol, or any abuse in their life, is to make sure you keep a good relationship with them. You want to authorize yourself as a parent while making it known to your kids that they can talk to you about what’s happening in their lives. Sometimes, it can be stressful to deal with the problems that arise from drugs in teens who have already made a mistake. For those who have gotten into drugs, going to a treatment center is the way to go.

Benefits of a Treatment Center for Teens on Drugs

The main advantages of going to a treatment center are that the teen can receive personal help with powerful strategies to tackle their issues. Whether it was being pressured by classmates in school or doing it on accident, treatment centers can dive into the natural reason as to why they got started with the drugs.The personal one-on-one sessions can be very therapeutic and can inspire many to continue their lives. Treatment centers are always capable of inspiring and helping anybody of any age with their drug issues.

Going to a treatment center can guide a teenager to the right path to recovery. Everything from healing sessions to private therapy, it’s the safest route to breaking the addiction.

Seeking help whenever possible is the best way to go if your teen has gone wayward with drugs. It’s best to prevent the issue, and you can do that by simply being a more aware parent. Be more aware of what they do in their daily lives and keep that open relationship so your child can know that they can speak to you if ever they do deal with drugs.



  • Jamie V

    This is very informative article that all parents should read. They tell you how to approach teens and to do different strategies that will help. Gives you great ways to talk to your teen and how to build that relationship with them and how they should never let someone pressure them into doing something they don’t want to.

  • Walter McCormick

    I think that there are a lot of points in this article that are right on the money. I think that one of the downfalls of our current society is the availability to idleness that I see is in existence. Even in the 90’s there were plenty of TV and video games, but there was not as much today, and you would see large numbers of kids outside. Now with the advent of technology I can comfortably say that if left to their own devices, there would be a condition that exists today, where they play video games and everything is expected to be super fast. Whereas the generations before us were primarily raised with much less TV as well as being pushed to be outside more. I also can say that getting children enrolled in a sport is really good advice as typically if you do drugs you will lose at sports as you will not be on your A game. There also is the way that the drug will affect your performance, but also the fact that if you are on a team your team mates will want to win and the peer pressure will be on you not using drugs as they will want you to be able to perform at your highest point. I know that there is a lot of focus on getting kids onto drugs via the legal system such as antidepressants and these to me fall under the same category. I also know from personal experience that it is comforting to have your parent sit down and be approachable in regards to the subject of drugs. Also, from a kids perspective it is really nice to be able to do this as there is a lot of pressure from their peers in order to use drugs and give it a try, but I think that if the parent had used drugs it could be life changing to hear about the drugs from the parents perspective. I know for me it was this way. My dad at an early age told me that if I wanted to see what using drugs would be to follow him and he took me to speak with a relative of mine that was caught up in that. It was quite the eye opening experience to see how damaged the person was from using the drugs that they were using. It definitely made me want to not do drugs anymore as I saw what the damage was to the person. I also was able to talk to him and tell him what I was running into, and while he would get angry when he found out what I was doing, he also was not writing me off as a failure or something. He would listen to what I had to say and would lead me towards the right decision. This was super helpful. I definitely would recommend anyone who is a parent to do this as I for sure will when my son gets to be older and is faced with these temptations.

  • Sophie ann

    This is a very informative article. I personally think that it is very important to educate our children very early on about the drugs and their harmful effects and how one can get addicted in a very short time, and how it may adversely effect their lives and the lives of those around them. Yes they have to be occupied with things that they are interested in, but that is not enough, they have to really understand how drugs work and also they have to see who they can hang out with and who they can not. It also depends so much on the parent but of course on the child itself too, generally if they are happy and they are occupied and feel like they do thing they will not even look for drugs of they get how bad they are.

  • Ben Jet

    I work in a social services program in Michigan and I’ve even known one or two people who have gone to Best Drug Rehabilitation. One of the saddest things I’ve seen here in Michigan is teens and young adults who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s such a big problem in Michigan and I would have to say that half of the people I work with are under the age of 22.

    The thing that this article focus on the most which I find to be really lacking in this area is prevention. Prevention is key to addiction recovery and to stopping addiction from making a big impact in any given area or place. Plain and simple, it’s just way, way, way too easy for young adults to get their hands on drugs and alcohol around here. If this wasn’t the case, then there wouldn’t be so many youngsters who were abusing drugs and alcohol and getting so heavily addicted to them.

    The way I see it, there are two ways to handle and get rid of addiction amongst young adults in any given area, and I liked that this article went over both of them. First of all, there is prevention. This just falls under the category of educating young adults on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol as well as getting proper law enforcement actions enforced that prevent drugs from even getting into an area, cracking down on alcohol abuse amongst minors, cracking down on drunk drivers, etc.

    The next step, once prevention is really in and in well, is to actually rehabilitate any and all of the young adults in any given area who are currently addicted to drugs and alcohol. What I’ve noticed is that prevention is all fine and good but, if there still remain several substance abusers in any given area then they will guaranteed find a way to get drugs into any given area. Addicts can be some of the most resourceful people out there, and young adult addicts are especially mischievous. Prevention can be totally in in any given area but as long as there are still drug or alcohol addicted youths in that area, I guarantee that they will find a way to get drugs or illicitly obtained alcohol into there area. For this reason, rehab itself also has to be put into place in the area.

    This is why I feel Best Drug Rehabilitation is doing a great job in this area. I have been working with addicts all across Michigan for years now and BDR is actually supporting prevention campaigns AND rehabilitating individual addicts too. Plus they are blanketing the web with excellent articles like this one that deliver good, true data on positive rehabilitation campaigns and how to get help with addiction. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Wilber

    Peer pressure is a definite problem that a lot of kids face when they are going to school. It can be a very difficult time and that makes it all the more important to actually listen to what kids have to say and be there for them. I know from me helping kids that it can be difficult to identify with them. Not because it is actually difficult as it is not but to them they have the viewpoint oftentimes that you as an adult do not understand what it is that they are going through and as a result of this they are not willing to be in communication with you. This could not be further from the truth, as from the get go they (the kids) need to understand that the adults that are working with them were all kids at some point and the struggles that kids are facing today, they are not that different then the ones that we as kids also faced. When I was in school, there was problems with girls, drugs, making good grades, sports and all of the other aspects of a child’s life that need to be taken into effect. It can be a difficult act to juggle as there is oftentimes a disconnect between the two age brackets. There really has been a huge loss in my opinion. I think that by following the guide of this article it will be very important to get that type of interaction with the kids and really make a change to where they will not fall into the trap of peer pressure to use drugs. I think that it is really important to get kids involved in extracurricular activities. This is probably one of the biggest factors in truly saving them from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It can be a lot to face when you are going through what I mentioned earlier, but it is definitely possible to get them to a point where they will not fall into that situation. It is true that putting support structure there is important to keep them from getting around influences that would lead them down a wrong path. This is a big factor for a lot of people I know. It is also priceless to have that relationship with the kids so that they are willing to talk with you instead of feeling like they will just be in trouble. This is something that I have seen to be very successful.

  • Felicia Holmes

    Peer pressure is a definite real factor that does affect the lives of children every single day. When there are what seems like all the other kids doing something it can be difficult for the child to see that they do not have to do what all of the other children are doing around them and that those may not be the best decisions to make. This is a key point that I only learned after the fact of having gone through it, yet is something that you do not want your child or a child of a friend to go through. It also is sometimes not the easiest thing to teach as there were many times when adults in my life when I was younger would recommend for me not to follow the crowd and I chose not to listen to them, and only later did I realize that they were sharing a life tip from their experience with me. There can often times be a pretty big disconnect between younger children and their adult counterparts. I have found that it is good to get children involved in activities that lead them to pro survival actions that will keep them out of trouble. I also agree that it is important to see that they need to do outdoor activities and sports. This was a huge factor for me as when I did get into using substances that were addictive it would affect my ability to play sports, and if I had realized sooner it was not good to do this, then I would have been a lot better. I also have seen plenty of examples where people had similar things and it led them to not get caught up in the nonsense of drugs as it would negatively affect their activities that they were involved in. I think this is a big takeaway. Another factor that I can agree with is the education of how the drugs affect you. There is a lot of misinformation out there that is not true and leads a child to have a wrong idea about what it is that drugs are doing to you when you take them. This is promoted by the media and hollywood, but also by their peers. It is important to get them to see some actual examples of where drugs have destroyed the lives of people. This may be a scare tactic, but it does give them some reality of what can happen to you. Of course, there is the danger of them wanting to do that or something, but that would be rare. I know that my life changed when I spoke to someone who was a drug addict and they told me all of the stuff that they had gone through and this is one of the things that led me to change my ways. I think that there are a lot of good pointers in this article that if followed could really make the difference in the life of a loved one or younger person.

  • Ben Jet

    If there’s one thing I’ve seen come up more often than anything else when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction it is the constantly occurring factor of teen and young adult drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. This seems to be like an ever-present, constantly occurring factor in today’s society. I could not be more happy to have read this article, as I feel I know more about this problem than I ever did before.

    Best Drug Rehabilitation really goes the extra mile to make sure that people are properly educated about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, whether they themselves are addicted to the substances or not. This says a lot and I feel this makes a big impact on society in general when rehabs do this. Education is such a valuable and an important tool and it is not utilized nearly enough when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, especially with young adults.

    I work in my community quite a bit with drug and alcohol addicts; current users and recovering individuals alike, and I feel like there are two main ways to tackle addiction in any given area:

    First there is prevention. This is the act of educating the populace about addiction, applying better efforts by law enforcement to keep drugs out, keeping better watch on one’s kids, better security at schools, better laws about drugs and alcohol, and an overall tighter grip on the individuals who would go out of their way to spread substances around like a plague.

    Then there’s rehabilitation itself for those who have fallen prey to addiction. Let’s be honest, no matter how good your prevention is in your city, if there are drug addicts who live in your city, they will find a way to get substances into your city and there’s no doubt about it. I’ve worked in the community enough to see that drug addicts are some of the most resourceful people out there, hence the need to actually rehabilitate anyone and everyone who suffers with an addiction crisis.

    What I like about Best Drug Rehabilitation is that they are working on both of these projects! They are a rehabilitation center, so they are helping literally thousands of individuals beat drug and alcohol addiction every year, but they are also working to educate people about the effects of drugs and alcohol addiction and, in articles like this one, how to prevent addiction amongst young adults and teens. I also know for a fact that this facility is very involved in the community and networks to promote anti-drug campaigns throughout Michigan.

    I could not be more pleased with this program. Articles and success stories keep coming up on my radar, and they all originate from Best Drug Rehabilitation. This has got to be one of the hardest working rehab programs out there, and they have my full support and thanks. I hope they keep fighting the good fight and keep working to rid Michigan of addiction! God only knows we need all of the help that we can get. I have never seen drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general to be as bad as it is now, and it is rehab centers like Best Drug Rehabilitation that are making the difference and that are really helping us.

  • carcol

    What a great article. I know I struggled with this a little when my son was a teenager and didn’t know exactly how to talk to him about it and what to say, etc. Luckily we always had good communication between us so I was able to bring up the subject and go over any problems he was having with his friends, etc trying to get him to drink or do drugs. One thing that helped is that he was an athlete and didn’t want to put anything into his body that would cause him to not do well in sports so when his friends would pressure him to do something, he would just say no and let them know he didn’t want to hurt his activity on the field. Other kids did not have it so easy though so getting the info in this article to parents would surely help them a lot. There are things on here I would not have thought of that would be very helpful in keeping your kids safe.

  • Patty F.

    This is very informative article that all parents should read. They tell you how to approach teens and to do different strategies that will help. What I like about Best Drug Rehabilitation is that they are working on both of these projects! They are a rehabilitation center, so they are helping literally thousands of individuals beat drug and alcohol addiction every year, but they are also working to educate people about the effects of drugs and alcohol addiction and, in articles like this one, how to prevent addiction among young adults and teens. I also can say that getting children enrolled in a sport is really good advice as typically if you do drugs you will lose at sports as you will not be on your A game. There also is the way that the drug will affect your performance, but also the fact that if you are on a team your team mates will want to win and the peer pressure will be on you not using drugs as they will want you to be able to perform at your highest point.

  • Ash b

    Around the place I liveI have also observed this peer oressure in between the teens about the drugs. If one does it, like a group, others do it too, and if you afe the only one who doesn’t than you look off, so you start. I ama. Bit shocked though how many teens are info like marihuana and that is like almost a totally normal thing like cigarettes. The main problem I see in this century is that people are uneducated. They really think they know but do not actaully know much about anything, especially about drugs and their side effects. Even the simple so called marihuana has horrible side effects, and people do not know. It is importamt that we educate our children about the drugs and they should also be aductaed at school, and we have to stop accepting it like oh it is okay to do drugs, no it is not okay. And if one is on drugs, as a parent have to confront the situation and do something about it, they can not just think the kid will stop by his own, that will not happen. They have to be taken care of have to be sent to rehab if necessary or to some other program, but teens are still kids and need their parents help.

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