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How to Stop the Vicious Cycle of Opioid Abuse

How to Stop the Vicious Cycle of Opioid Abuse


These days, many people find themselves in the troublesome grip of opioid abuse. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that somewhere between 26.4 and 36 million people abuse opioids across the globe. In the United States, roughly 2.1 million people are suffering from addiction to opioids. Nevertheless, individuals who are interested in escaping the deadly grasp of opioids can break the vicious cycle of abuse. Utilize the helpful hints and strategies outlined here to get your recovery process going and growing right now.

Enroll in a Professional Rehab Facility

One of the most important steps to take when you’re ready to stop the vicious cycle of opioid abuse is enrollment in a professional inpatient rehab facility. In this setting, you will obtain a diverse array of treatment services that help you overcome the mental, physical, and spiritual hold that drugs have over you. Some of the treatment services offered in the rehab facility include:

• individual counseling
• group counseling
• nutritional counseling
• mentorship
• restorative exercise (taebo, yoga, etc.)

Remember that attempting to stop the recovery process in isolation is dangerous and oftentimes fails to yield substantive, long-term results. Attaining treatment services in the presence of industry professionals with extensive education and experience in the drug recovery field will almost always yield more significant results.

Examine Your Environment

At some point, individuals who enroll in a treatment facility for opioid abuse will be released. At this time, it will be important for the recovering addict to optimize her or his environment. Doing so will help decrease the likelihood of a relapse into the world of drug addiction. In many cases, there are individuals within the former addict’s personal or professional setting who subtly or overtly encourage her or him to use opioids. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know that these relationships should be temporarily suspended until you are confident and secure in your ability to abstain from opioid abuse. In some cases, individuals may find it necessary to end these relationships permanently.

Optimize Your Eating Habits

Opioid abuse can and does have a profoundly adverse impact on your mind and body. To ensure that recovery is permanent, you should get in the habit of eating well. Replenishing your body with the right food accelerates and optimizes the recovery process while also enabling you to connect with a new and different mode of living that helps place distance between you and the past of addiction. There are numerous ways that you can get on the road to eating optimally, and one of them is by recording your nutritional and caloric intake through online food journals such as www.cronometer.com. You may also want to consider hiring a nutritionist to develop a customized meal plan for you.

Seek Support

People who attempt to recover from a drug addiction in isolation are less successful in realizing the goal. As such, it will be important for you to seek support as you go through the stages of recovery. There are numerous sources of support that you can utilize during this time, including a local church, mosque, or a mentor.

Don’t Delay: Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Opioid Abuse Today!

If you’ve been struggling with opioid abuse but are now ready to stop the vicious cycle of addiction, now is the time to implement techniques that will facilitate long-term recovery. Some of the strategies that you can implement to get on the road to recovery now include enrolling in a professional rehab facility, examining your environment, optimizing your eating habits, and seeking support. By implementing these techniques synergistically, you can expedite and optimize your recovery process.


  • Wallace MacCormack

    There is a lot to say about the dangers of opioid addiction. There are many people who are faced with this problem and it is definitely a tough one to handle. What I think the most important is to get the person to realize that there is a problem and that they would be better off without the dangers of taking the drug. I have seen from other people who are struggling with this to get that realization and then everything goes well with them coming off of the drug. Whereas I have also seen someone not have this thought and then it is nearly impossible for them to get off of the drugs, as this decision is prior to the need of change for the individual. I think it is essential to use an inpatient rehab facility as well. I think that outpatient treatments don’t really work, or at least I have not seen them to work. What I think is that the problem is the disconnection from the environment that does not take place in an outpatient environment. The person is never made to get out of the environment where they fell into the habit of using the drug of their choice. I also feel that the steps that are listed in terms of exercise and nutrition bear a special mention as I have never seen anyone recover who i’d not handle their nutrition, or at least I have seen the success rate go higher with that. The other thing that has to be mentioned is that people with addictions like this often do not have the self control upon exiting rehab in order to ensure that they are set up for success, and this is something that it looks like best drug rehabilitation do very well and that is teach the person in a new unit of time that there is more to life than to use the drug, as well as repairing the damage caused from whatever prolonged use of the drugs. There is a real need to get the addict to realize these things and then get them to actually keep in the techniques that will help their body to rebuild it and then they can easier kick the habit that they are running into. The other part that needs to be handled is the spiritual aspect of the recovery. Whether or not the person is religious is no matter, but the fact that they are able to find that peace that they need in order to find themselves and make sure that they will not relapse. I think this is an aspect that is not faced enough in some rehab programs that I have seen, but I have also seen on the contrary the fact that if you have a person who finds their spiritual peace will find that they can face their struggles and then they can get back to a better life. I also can’t not speak about the importance of the support of the family or whatever group the person belongs to. This can make all of the difference in the person getting off of the drugs or not. It it important to think of all of the things that are brought up here and I think that these are very informative.

  • Ben Jet

    Opiate addiction has got to be one of the worst addiction problems we face in the United States today. This problem really is a big one, and I like how this article really hits the nail on the head in this respect. I can’t imagine where we would be without rehab centers like Best Drug Rehabilitation. I’ve been working tirelessly in central Michigan for years now trying to handle opiate addiction as I once struggled with opiate abuse myself. No matter what happens though, for every one opiate addict I see get help somewhere, two more show up in my group looking for help.

    I was perusing the internet looking for quality data on opiate addiction and I happened across this article. I’m pretty familiar with Best Drug Rehabilitation as one of my closest friends went there for addiction treatment. I’ve also heard of others in my network and community who went there. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews and good reports on this rehab center, which is great because Michigan for a long time has been lacking in good, quality, LONG TERM rehab centers. I know that was the case when I was struggling. I had to work very hard to stay sober for months after I finished my month long recovery problem, and I feel if my rehab program had been even just a few weeks longer I wouldn’t have had so much trouble. But cest’ la vie I suppose.

    But I digress. This article is true to a point when it comes to opiate addiction. Opiate addiction is easily the biggest addiction concern that we face in the United States today. It’s just really, really, really bad right now. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have labeled opiate addiction a nationwide epidemic. As far as I know, that’s never happened before where the CDC itself, the most prominent entity in the nation for handling health concerns, labeled something like this as an actual epidemic. That is huge. When something gets labeled an epidemic that means the president is supposed to make it a priority to address it and handle it. Too bad this label came up in an election year when everyone is more worried about other things like politics.

    The author of this article, (I’d like to shake his or her hand for putting such true and good data on the internet for those of us in the addiction field), writes that, “In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that somewhere between 26.4 and 36 million people abuse opioids across the globe. In the United States, roughly 2.1 million people are suffering from addiction to opioids”. True. True. True. And did I mention true? In my support group we have about eighty percent of us who are ex opiate addicts. There are more ex opiate addicts amongst us than recovering alcoholics, which is huge.

    I again have to take my hat off to Best Drug Rehabilitation. Thank you guys for posting true data on addiction problems in this country. I wish there were more rehab centers like yours and I wish I had known about you when I had to go to treatment!

  • Dh

    This is a great artivle, great data aboit how to sttop the horrible opioid abuse. Nowadays people can get into abusing opioids so easily. I think it is important to seek help in a rehab faciloty as fast as possible. There they really help the person in all aspects,mincludimg physical and mental, and they also teach them how to eat well. That was interesting, but is does make sence to make sure that you eat well ans halthy ans nutritious, cause the opioids does very bad harm to the body, so it is important to make sure it gets all the missing minerals and vits that it needs, that helps surely.

  • carcol

    It is really unfortunate that these drugs that were created to help people with specific problems are now creating more and more drug addicts on a daily basis. These drugs are legal and are prescribed by doctors every day to handle pain or depression, etc. The problem is that when the person them becomes addicted to the drug, the doctor just cuts them off cold turkey. This leaves the person having to go out and find them a different way as they’ve become to attached to the drugs, they can’t live without them anymore. I think this is where something really needs to be done. These drugs should only be given for short periods of time and the person should be monitored to make sure they are not becoming addicted to the drugs and if they are, get them help right away. Don’t just send them off to deal with it on their own. I think if this is done, we would not have so many people becoming addicted to them.

  • Ash b

    It is very hatd to stop the opioids. I beleive they are the most vicious and addictive substances. Once people start just want to do more and more, cause it does not get them as high as they want than they over dose, if they are lucky they won’t die, if they aren’t they will, so they have to seek rehab treatment in a rehab facility, cause it is just super hard to get off of them. With all the horrible side effects, and of courseif they want to stop by their own, it is not really possible cause they will be in so much physical pain that they will just get back right into it. So they definitelly need professional help in a rehab facility, where they give them holistic trratment so they ease the pain and everything. It is the best also to have holistic treatments if it is possible cause the people wont get addicted to the other pill.

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