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Infographic: Synthetic Substitution - What Is 25I-NBOMe?

Infographic: Synthetic Substitution – What Is 25I-NBOMe?



What Is 25I-NBOMe?

25I-NBOMe, also known as Cimbi-5 or 25I, is a recreational drug sometimes taken for its psychedelic qualities. It has only been used in this manner since 2010 and was mainly used as a chemical in scientific research before this.

The History of 25I-NBOMe

25I-NBOMe was discovered as a lab chemical in 2003. It was often tagged with a carbon tracer and used in different tests. However, it became popular as a psychedelic drug in 2010. Because of the unique effects and the very small amount needed to achieve a high, this substance has become the psychedelic drug of choice for many young people.

Effects of 25I-NBOMe

This drug has many effects, some negative and some positive. These effects are caused mainly by the drug’s action on serotonin receptors. The positive effects include:

  • visual distortions including trailing and color changes
  • euphoria
  • stimulation of body and mind
  • increased creativity
  • feelings of love
  • changes in time perception

As with all drugs, 25I-NBOMe also has unpleasant effects, which include:

  • insomnia
  • repetitive thoughts
  • confusion
  • paranoia and anxiety
  • clenching of the jaw
  • tunnel vision
  • tachycardia, or fast heartbeat
  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness and fainting
  • tremors and twitching
  • loss of muscle control
  • seizure
  • death

The negative effects will be more likely to occur and also more severe in the case of an overdose.

How This Drug is Taken

25I-NBOMe is usually placed on a piece of blotter paper, similar to LSD. This paper is sucked and chewed in the mouth. This drug will not be absorbed if it is swallowed; it must be absorbed through the skin in the mouth.

Dangers of 25I-NBOMe

One of the main dangers of this new substance is that it is very easy to overdose. The amount needed to get high is very small, but so is the amount that can cause an overdose. There have been many cases of young people overdosing from even a drop of this drug. This and other synthetic drugs are popular among recreational users who have to be drug-tested, as there is no test commercially available. As the drug becomes more popular, there will likely be more overdoses.

Is It Addictive?

Scientists have not yet studied whether 25I-NBOMe is addictive. However, many drugs that act in similar manners on serotonin receptors have potential to create a physical dependence.  Most users of psychedelic drugs do not take them often enough to create any dependency. The United States government responded to the growing number of overdoses in 2013 by adding this drug to its list of Schedule I controlled substances. This means that people using it face legal dangers as well, including arrest and imprisonment.

25I-NBOMe is still so new that its dangers and long-term effects have not been studied and are not well-known. However, this drug will likely be in the news more and more as an increasing number of young people experiment with it.


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  • Angie

    Wow. It is a scary fact that a once lab chemical has worked its way onto the drug market. People need to be made of all of the possible negative effects of this drug. Education is going to be the key to helping people get the help that they need if they are ever around this substance. Also through educating people, like this blog post is doing, they know the signs to look for to ensure that friends and family that are abusing this substance get they help that they need to get clean. Knowing that there are inpatient facilities out there that know how to deal with these types of addictions and can help people detox from these substances is crucial, just as crucial as educating people about the harmful effects of these drugs.

  • Amanda

    Whoa, I did not know that before I read this article. Synthetic drugs are very scary, but these seem to be getting worse and more dangerous. Hearing that only a drop can cause a person to overdose is just ridiculously! I mean that is insane that small of a dose could possibly even kill a person, and yet people are continuing to take these drugs. There are so many other solutions to problems out there. If you know of anyone that needs help, please help them get the help you need. I read on the Best Drug Rehabilitation website that they offer an inpatient personalized care. Find the service that will best help your loved one!

  • Walt

    I can’t believe this… Wait I can. Another psychoactive drug that is coming onto the market from altering something to get around the other formal names. It is unreal to me that there is this much of it going on, but also the LSD kick of the 60’s was a similar type experience or so I have heard. It is amazing to thing that kids would take something that could so easily be overdosed. But at the same time it is also interesting to note that these drugs can be bought and shipped into the United States. This is an amazing thing that this can be allowed to get through. I would hope that there is some effort being put into developing a test that can detect this substance so that we can get a grip on it, aside from just watching it do it’s thing.

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