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Oxycontin Infographic

Oxycontin Abuse is a Killer Addiction: An Infographic

Oxycontin: The Killer Addiction

Oxycontin Abuse & Addiction

Oxycontin is a prescription pain reliever that is highly addictive. When an addiction to the drug develops, negative side effects can develop. Oxycontin is potentially deadly when it is abused or used without the directions of a doctor.

Basics of the Drug

Oxycontin is the name of a medication that contains a high dosage of oxycodone, which is an opiate created from poppy plants. It generated roughly $3 billion in sales in 2011 and is sold in four possible dosages. The highest dose of the medication is around 80 mg, but most individuals are prescribed 10, 20, or 40 mg pills.

When taken as directed, the time-released medication will take no more than two pills in a day with 12 hours between dosages. The medication is designed to slowly break down and provide pain relief throughout the day.

Methods of Oxycontin Abuse

Since Oxycontin is widely available and prescribed for many types of pain, it is easy to abuse. While the pharmaceutical company made changes to medication, many individuals continue to abuse Oxycontin.

Oxycontin abuse occurs in many different ways. Individuals might chew the pill, turn it into a powder before breathing it in through the nose, or create a liquid form of the drug by melting it in water.

Regardless of the alterations made to the drug for abusive purposes, risks to personal health are likely to develop. Taking the drug in any way it was not prescribed can ultimately lead to severe health problems or death.

Oxycontin Side Effects & Risks

Taking Oxycontin as a recreational drug is very risky to health. The opioid substance is addictive and is the cause of many drug abuse deaths each year.

The effects associated with misusing Oxycontin include:

  • Pain in the head
  • Upset stomach
  • Throwing up
  • Feelings of relaxation or tiredness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Physical or psychological dependence
  • Pain in the muscles, joints, or bones
  • Challenges getting to sleep
  • Inability to stop fidgeting
  • Taking unsafe dosages of the drug

Abusing Oxycontin can result in hospitalization from taking too much. The dosage is not designed for immediate release into the body.

Street Names for Oxycontin

Oxycontin has many street names associated with the drug. Due to the similar impact to other opiate drugs, it is sometimes called hillbilly heroin. It is also known by the full name, the shortened Oxy, and the initials.

Mixing Oxycontin With Other Drugs

Taking Oxycontin with other prescription medications, illicit drugs, or over-the-counter medicine is not recommended. Interactions between drugs might occur with alcoholic beverages and other prescription drugs. Mixing drugs can lead to overdose symptoms and death.

Celebrity Deaths Due to Oxycontin

Taking too much Oxycontin can result in death if an individual is not taken to the hospital fast enough. Some celebrities, such as Heath Ledger and Adrienne Nicole Martin, have died due to a possible overdose. Athletes like Derek Boogaard and Andrew Martin also died as a result of Oxycontin overdosing.

The deaths show that taking a large dose can lead to serious consequences. While almost 25 percent of illegal drug use is from prescription medications, it is possible to fight the addiction with help from professionals. Seeking help will result in overcoming the addiction to Oxycontin and living a normal life.

Find Help for Oxycontin Addiction

Finding professional help for Oxycontin is critical to a true recovery. Our experienced team of addiction professionals can help fight Oxycontin addiction – contact us today to learn more.

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  • Amanda

    This info graph is informative and has a lot of great information that I was not aware of it. I think it is very sad that because it was put on the prescription label not to crush the pills, that people took the idea and was able to have a better high because of the pharmaceutical company’s instructions! Also to see all the people that were lost because of the drug addiction to oxycontin really sadden the heart. It is true that if someone is on other meds that mixing them with any other drug or alcohol adds more complication to the scene then someone who is not on prescription medication. I also agree that finding professional help for Oxycontin addiction recovery is extremely important. It is not something that you want to mess with out the proper knowledge and training. I would recommend a place like BDR.

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