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7 Holistic Ways to Increase Sex Drive

Increasing Sex Drive Naturally

Holistic medicine seeks to treat the body as a whole, rather than just the symptoms of a condition, making it a unique and powerful way to improve sex drive. The magical and complex phenomenon of arousal has physical, mental, and emotional dimensions that shape how and why we experience sexuality. Addressing these dimensions with these key holistic techniques can dramatically transform one’s sex drive.

1. Drink in moderation

Alcohol is a common social lubricant that helps people shed inhibitions and become more comfortable in sexual situations. But alcohol is a depressant — it slows the functioning of the central nervous system.

Many studies have shown that alcohol consumption inhibits testosterone production in men, reducing libido and arousal.[1] In women, alcohol actually increases sexual arousal by enhancing the production of testosterone reducing inhibition, though it lowers the physiological signs of arousal.

For both sexes, alcohol also affects balance, judgment, and coordination — three important capabilities for a healthy sex life. Reducing overall alcohol intake can significantly help increase sex drive.

2. Maintain a healthy and deliberate diet

Food is central to sex drive. Eating nutrient- and mineral-rich foods can help boost sex drive significantly.

Foods that boost hormone production are important. Green leafy vegetables, for example, help correct anemia, improve neurotransmitter functioning, and provide the nutrients needed for your body to rebuild the adrenal glands, which are responsible for releasing hormones in the body. Sea vegetables also support the thyroid gland, which is another key regulator of overall hormone function.[2]

Foods known for their aphrodisiac qualities can, in fact, be useful. Chocolate, for instance, contains phenethylamine, the chemical we produce when we fall in love. Pumpkin seeds are also effective because they contain high levels of zinc, an important mineral in testosterone production, and omega-3 fats, which help balance hormones.[3]

At the same time, it’s important to cut out certain foods that negatively impact sex drive. Avoid processed foods, which often add to the body’s stress and can contribute to hormone imbalances. Caffeine too can heighten stress and anxiety, which is counterproductive to sexual desire. Instead, replace caffeine with licorice or ginseng, which are excellent alternatives that also support the adrenal glands.[4] A healthy diet also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, for further health benefit.

3. Consider key supplements and herbs

A number of vitamins and minerals are known to have a positive effect on sex drive.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) helps in the manufacturing of sex hormones in the adrenal glands. Choline is known to help enhance levels of acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits sexual impulses from the brain to the sex organs.[5] Ginkgo biloba, meanwhile, has been known to treat sexual dysfunction, though controlled studies have not conclusively shown its benefits in this area.

Herbs are also reported to have an immensely powerful influence on sex drive. Maca root improves both male and female hormone balance, supports the adrenals, increases stamina, and helps with erectile dysfunction. Basil, a common herb in many households, increases circulation, stimulates sex drive, and boosts fertility. Saw palmetto, meanwhile, can be used to treat low libido in both men and women by causing the production of the right hormones to boost sex drive.

These herbs can also be used in conjunction with adaptogens, which are specific herbs that boost energy and help the body recover from stress. Holy basil (also known as tulsi) promotes stamina and energy and promotes clarity of thought and calmness. Ashwaganda, another herbal supplement, can energize the body and minimize the negative effects of stress, which is one of the greatest inhibitors to a healthy sex drive.[6]

4. Get adventurous

Sex drive is not just about physiology. It’s also about developing the right mental and emotional states, which are often created in new and exciting situations.

Recent research shows, for example, that pursuing unfamiliar and challenging experiences with your partner – and not just in the bedroom – can boost the creation of dopamine, which fuels sex drive.[7] The novelty of these experiences also stimulates other hormones and neurotransmitters that bond partners, increase their creativity, and bring them closer together. The emotional experience of these adventures often carries over into the bedroom, improving sex drive above and beyond its physical dimension.

5. Stop smoking.

Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow and diminishes stamina. This carries over into sexual function: Poor circulation constricts blood flow to the genitals, and healthy sex never benefits from low stamina. The smells associated with smoking are also known to diminish attraction over time. Stopping smoking has numerous other health benefits, as well.
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6. Exercise

Regular exercise is a critical component of a healthy sex drive. Physical fitness improves blood flow to the sexual organs, boosts dopamine, elevates mood, and increases self-confidence. The weight loss associated with exercise (and healthy eating habits) also helps with sex drive by increasing circulation and stamina. Together, these benefits can transform your sex drive on its physical and emotional levels.

7. Relax, recover, and connect

Stress is a chief enemy of sex drive. It causes the creation of cortisol, a hormone that causes testosterone to plummet, and creates mental and emotional blocks to healthy sex. Recovering from stressful situations — through meditation, relaxation, or other healing activities — is a powerful way to boost sex drive. Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to boost sex drive. It helps the adrenal glands function properly, along with the rest of your body, and contributes to proper relaxation and recovery.[8]


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  • Walter

    This is an interesting article. Sex is a very important part of all of our lives, and it also leads to much joy and benefit. There is a killing being made of the recovery of sex drive, so this is important for all people to know. Whole some may resort to drugs, there is a natural and healthy way to accomplish what these drugs lead to. I definitely think there is a lot of great information to get an improvement in the sex drive.

  • Amanda

    This is a very interesting article. I thought it made very valid points about how to increase the sex drive in your life. Having a special someone is something I believe that most people drive towards. Sex is a part of that relationship. I thought the fact that this article mentioned there are things that you can do outside of the bedroom to enhance in the bedroom. I believe that a healthy life style will ensure a healthy life all the way around! Introducing drugs and alcohol really ends up detracting from a healthy sex life. Though TV and movies glorify the one nightstand after a night of heavy partying. It is actually not the way to a great sex drive.

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