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holistic methods to Improve memory function

4 Holistic Ways to Improve Memory Function

Improving the Memory Naturally

[one_half] The mind is a formidable database. The information stored in that database is one of our most valuable assets. Improving our memory, then, is one of the most important ways to make the most of the human mind.

Holistic approaches might have the answer to improving memory function. Because the holistic philosophy seeks to treat a person as a whole — rather than as a collection of symptoms, such as plain forgetfulness — it is particularly well suited to enhance the faculty of memory. By addressing the various dimensions of memory, from the physiological to the behavioral, these key holistic techniques can dramatically improve your memory.
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These key holistic techniques can dramatically improve your memory.
[/one_third] [two_third last=”yes”] [accordian] [toggle title=”1. Maintain a healthy and focused diet.” open=”yes”] Food is one of the most powerful influences on memory.

A diet high in antioxidants, for example, can help protect brain cells involved in memory from age-related damage. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts, and flaxseed can help slow cognitive decline in adults.[1] Similarly, olive oil is known to improve memory with its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, while raw honey calms nerves and relieves anxiety to promote relaxation and rest, which is essential for effective memory.

Foods that are rich in polyphenol compounds are also associated with increased brain signals and enhanced memory. These foods include chocolate and most fruits and vegetables. Fruits with the highest polyphenol levels include blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, and Concord grapes.[2] At the same time, patients with a deficiency in B vitamins and folate demonstrated forgetfulness, memory loss, confusion, dementia, and depression. Stocking up on fish, poultry, whole grains, and leafy vegetables will help you get the B vitamins you need.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”2. Supplement with the right herbs.”] [one_half] Herbs have long been cited as a powerful memory aid, though scientific research has demonstrated mixed results. Still, signs point to some key benefits.

One study revealed that a combination of ginseng and ginkgo biloba was the most effective formula for increasing brainpower. A preparation of 60% ginseng and 40% ginkgo was the most effective formula when it came to improving the memory of the study volunteers.[3]
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Rosemary is another herb famous for its effects on memory. Several studies have explored the effect of the herb’s scent in particular. One study in particular concluded that participants exposed to the scent of rosemary essential oil demonstrated a significant improvement in performance on memory-related tasks.[4]

The use of herbs in a targeted and responsible way can help multiply the effects of other memory-enhancing techniques.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”3. Actively interact with your memories.”]Effective memory is also a matter of approaching our information in the right way.

Several techniques can immediately improve memory. Grouping similar concepts together and relating new information to old memories are two powerful ways to improve retention and recall. By establishing relationships between new ideas and existing memories, the mind can better retain and apply its data. At the same time, teaching new ideas to other people — which requires recall and focus, and helps refine and reinforce your existing information — is another powerful way to improve memory.[5] Actively seeking out new information, rather than just passively absorbing it as it comes, also helps in the coding of new information.

These techniques focus on the behavioral and mental processes associated with memory, another powerful way to improve this dynamic faculty.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”4. Manage your stress.”] 436233Stress is one of the greatest barriers to a strong memory.

Stress hormones are known to influence the prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain that governs high-level “executive” functions such as working memory and decision-making. One recent study discovered that repeated stress causes a significant loss of glutamate receptors, which reduce cognitive processes carried out by the prefrontal cortex. The researchers in the study also found that if they blocked the mechanism causing this reduction, they could prevent the stress-induced decrease in memory.[6]

Countless other studies arrive at similar conclusions. They all point to the basic fact that stress is a chief enemy of an effective memory. What is more, both chronic stress (stress experienced over a prolonged period of time) and acute stress (high, short-lived stress experienced in the fight-or-flight response) both significantly impair memory. Reducing stress by relaxing, meditating, taking structured breaks from work, and exercising can go a long way in improving retention and recall.
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Keep Your Mind Healthy

Together, these techniques can have a profound effect on the overall quality of our memory. The right foods and herbs address the biological basis of memory, while a proactive approach to processing information address its mental and behavioral aspects. Lifestyle changes, meanwhile, can help manage stress and boost memory capability, creating stronger and more accessible information. Memory is a multi-dimensional faculty, and these holistic techniques can help address it from all angles. Further, healthy habits like these will help lower cholesterol and increase energy levels along with improving memory function.


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  • Diane C

    It’s really good to know that there are holistic ways in which to help with memory loss. There is such a prevalence in our society to use drugs to handle everything that it is a breath of fresh air when someone says, looks use these supplements or eat these fruits or vegetables and they will help the problem you are having. Memory loss is a big deal, especially for people who are getting older. Being able to use the solutions in this article will be very helpful.

  • Amanda

    I hate it when I am not able to remember something!! This article is great!! I love to see holistic ways to handle life because I personally believe that is a healthier approach to life. It is amazing that diet is linked to brain function. Also the other thing I notice is that stress is a hindrance for most things in life. Finding way to better handle stress and even better reducing the stress will really help a person to lead a healthy life and better life!

  • Walter

    Good memory is quite an important thing. It is interesting to see that there are so many natural ways to improve the cognitive function of the mind. It is also very interesting to see that there are so many techniques that you can employ to focus the mind and safeguard it against degeneration. I have seen many ads for a pill that is meant to act like the drug in the movie “Limitless”. While this was a good Hollywood blockbuster, it did not promote a good message. I think this breaks down to the fundamental problem that we are facing, which is the mind is the thing that most of all our daily functions revolve around. The rate at which we learn, as well as remember is very important, and if we can find a way to safeguard that, then we will go a long way toward getting the battle of the mind won. I think that all too often people forget about the impact that our diet plays in our lives, whether it is removing stress, increasing memory retention, or battling a degeneration of the nerves. There is a lot to be said about what it has to do with us learning things and keeping those memories throughout life. I did not know that olive oil or other vitamins played such an important role in increasing the memory function that we have, but if I take a step back and look at it, I can totally see that this is true. I also think that it is interesting that there have been so many studies on this, and you do not see this promoted broadly. I mean sure, there are plenty of people who read this kind of a thing, but at the same time, it is not as easy to see the impact that the medical community has on this field. There is a lot of input into this that has to do with drugs or synthetically increasing the ability of the mind, when in fact all of the things that are there to handle it are naturally occurring in nature. I think that there are more people who need to realize that there are effective things that can be done and as a result of more people knowing about this you will start to see articles like this getting more publicity and more people will start to use these natural remedies. I really learned a lot from this and I am glad that I read it.

  • Amanda

    I like what this has to say. There is a lot to be said about making the mind a more powerful tool. I have seen some different videos and articles about what the power of the mind is. These all have to do with what is written here. It is not for people to just take a pill and as a result of this to go and make it to where they have a super computer of a mind. The mind in my own opinion is already the most powerful supercomputer that is on the planet as it is there and can think for itself. This is refreshing to see what is listed here as natural ways to make that computer more powerful. There are many different ways to do that. I also think that it is awesome to see how we go about getting the most out of our mind. I also feel that in large many people underestimate themselves and as a result of this they feel that they need to resort to drastic measures to increase the mind. I did not know that the different omega oils and ginko has that much to do with making the mind a more facile computer. It is amazing to me that more people do not know this and so many people resort to drugs to try and get a leg up or handle some problem that they perceive they have with their thinking. I really think that this is a great article that gives good information about this area and it also clears up a lot of confusion that exists. Cause for all intents and purposes for all the technology that is out there, there sure isn’t a lot known about the mind.

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