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holistic methods to increase energy

Holistic Methods to Increase Energy

Do You Want to Increase Energy?

If so, you share something in common with millions of Americans. The quest for a method to increase energy is also, in many ways, the quest for success. “If I just had more energy, I could get all those things done that I want to do…” is the common refrain. Reading about the men and women of the past can astonish one at the sheer magnitude of their output: the man who built his own house, fought in two wars, founded his own business, and raised a family of eight; the woman who worked the family farm, made all the family’s clothing, churned her own butter, and personally educated her seven children. In a bygone era, you had to do virtually everything yourself. Nowadays, we simply do our job, collect a paycheck, pay for what someone in China produced, and collapse on the couch for lack of verve. Where did our energy go?

Proper Diet

One answer is that we didn’t fuel up properly in the first place. Just as a car or airplane cannot run on the wrong fuel – so too must our bodies burn the right fuel in order to generate sufficient power. Drive through suburbia and you’ll see what millions of people eat: fast food, gas station food, and chain restaurants that serve fried and relatively tasteless food. And at the supermarket, all too often we purchase the starches, cereals, and sugars. But the problem gets worse; symptomatic of feeling drained of energy is the desire to boost energy level by any means necessary, namely, caffeine – in the form of coffee or worse, “energy” drinks. While a java boost is essentially harmless, these energy drinks are another story entirely, with sketchy ingredients and reports of some violent reactions. Extended caffeine addiction can bankrupt your adrenal glands so that the caffeine has virtually no effect other than preventing a withdrawal headache. Any way you look at it, caffeine is a stimulant drug that produces artificial energy.

Natural Energy

What we need is natural energy, and it appears that nature has provided – in the form of fruits, vegetables, and things that grow from the earth. The practice of juicing has been gaining ground as the go-to activity for real, honest energy – a way to boost your momentum with organic phytonutrients (“phyto-“ means plant based). Juicers range from a hundred dollars to over $2,000. The high-end version is a machine with a two-step process, first producing a pulp then squeezing out the juice through “hydraulic” action. But you by no means have to go so high-tech. You can pick up an affordable juicer at your local appliance or big-box store. You can juice fruits, vegetables, and add green superfoods for a blast of real energy. Combine this with a rational diet and you are on your way. If you were to stay in the outside aisle of the supermarket you’d have the right idea. By sticking to the outside, you encounter the fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and lean meats, thus evading the domain of starch, pasta, sugar, cereal, cookies, ice cream, frozen crinkle-cut fries, and TV dinners. This is not to say never eat a plate of angel hair pasta. Rather, change what you’re eating in general. In summary:

  • Use organic, whole ingredients, lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables
  • Acquire a decent juicer
  • Drink a green superfood blast daily that includes such things as:
    • Wheat grass
    • Barley grass
    • Alfalfa
    • Spirulina
    • Spinach
    • Broccoli
    • Chlorella
    • Wild blue-green algae

Keep this up for a while, combine it with routine exercise, and feel your energy level increase. You just might have the momentum to get all those things done that you’ve been meaning to do – and make a dream or two come true! And the people of the future will read about everything you got done!




  • Amanda

    Eating properly is very important to any life style. It is very hard to keep with the busy schedules of today and the lack of truly nutritional availability no wonder people are so tired. A healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables along with lean protein with reduced chemically induced food will give you much more energy. I know when I eat the correct food I always feel so much better. I am going to try out the wheat grass more often!

  • Steven Smith

    I try and eat healthy all the time. It makes all aspects of life better.

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