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Beat Addiction Without Medication

6 Ways to Beat Addiction Without Medication

Posted by Myra Davis to Holistic

Medications can be an effective tool in fighting addiction and anxiety and depression. However, you can beat addiction without drugs and be successful at recovery. I’ve seen many addicts use effective alternatives that help them beat addiction and stay clean for life. You can, too.

Exercise, a Great Way to Beat Addiction

From basketball and swimming to weightlifting and biking, exercise combats depression, stress, and anxiety naturally. That’s because exercise releases feel-good hormones, including serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Before starting an exercise routine to help you stay clean, talk with your physician. They will assess your physical health and offer tips and guidance to ensure that you stay safe as you exercise.


Focusing your thoughts away from your addiction might be one of the hardest parts of recovery. After all, you lived, breathed, and dreamed about your substance of choice for a long time. I encourage you to retrain your thoughts through meditation. It can be done anytime you feel like using or when you experience a trigger. In the car, behind your desk, or in your bedroom, slow your breathing, think about something that makes you happy, and center your thoughts. If you’re new to meditation, I encourage you to ask your therapist to show you how to meditate, and check out all of the online meditation tools, too, as you learn this valuable skill.


Talking with a trusted and professional substance abuse therapist helps you release your pent-up emotions and see things from a new perspective. Plus, therapists can recommend adventure, pet, or drum therapy that can increase your ability to resist addiction’s pull. Make an appointment today and gain the immense benefits of talking with a professional.

Support Groups

You need friends and supporters who understand you and the battles you face. That’s one reason I recommend support groups. They’re filled with caring people who get how difficult breaking an addiction can be. They also have fantastic tips for how to handle stress at work, relationship challenges, and other triggers. Trust me: You want to get involved with a support group or two as you overcome your addiction without medication.


Don’t let that blank notebook on your nightstand intimidate you. It’s not there to scare you. Instead, it’s there to help you find your voice. Write about how you feel when you want to use, describe what happens when you resist temptation and express your emotions. You can also use your journal to draw pictures that depict your feelings or mandalas that help you relax. Whether you write in a paper journal or type on an online blog, use this tool to assist you in recovery.


What passions excite you, wake you up, and help you relax? Those are the activities you need to engage in every day. So set an easel up in your living room, cultivate a garden, or buy rock-climbing gear. You can even take a class or join a club that focuses on your favorite hobbies. When you fill your free time with activities you enjoy, and when you focus on hobbies that fulfill you, you don’t have a chance to think or act upon your addiction, and you’ll begin to feel better about yourself.

I know you want to beat addiction, and you can do that without medication when you implement these six tactics. Which one will you start first?


  • Diane C

    Great ideas! Staying active is good advice for everybody but especially if you are dealing with things in life that make you feel overwhelmed and you don’t have a real solution for. I find it’s good to go out and take a walk when this happens with me. Look around, watch other people, touch the trees, etc. It’s amazing how good I feel when I do that. I’m glad that these things are part of your rehab program as something the person can do rather than taking more drugs to get the through.

  • Amanda

    What a wonderful article. I agree there are times when medication is needed, but I believe that if you can do it without drugs the better in the long run. I thought the above suggestions were great ideas to help a person who is overcoming an addiction problem. I think that it is a good point that you have to be able to look toward a productive and positive lifestyle. Addiction is very hard to overcome, but it can be done with the right support and the right program. I love the way Best Drug Rehabilitation helps each individual with their personal program. Every person is an individual and needs the help that is going to help them. Make sure no matter what help you get the first step is admitting that you need help. Help is out there!

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