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5 Group Activities Offered at Holistic Drug Rehabs

Different rehab centers can vary greatly in what types of therapies, counseling, or modalities that they offer.  There can be everything from very individualized types of treatment, to group-based therapies and activities.  Group activities can be extremely effective forms of treatment for those struggling with addiction.  There is a multitude of different types of group treatments depending upon the person’s interests and needs.

Group activities can help individuals to build trust and relationships with their fellow recovery peers.  It can bring about fellowship and cooperation between them, which can be very helpful in recovery.  Types of group therapies can include such things as:

  1. Wilderness Therapy – Wilderness therapy can be very helpful for developing team skills. The group will have to overcome different boundaries and challenges in nature which build up their confidence as well. Wilderness therapy can include such things as camping, starting fires, or putting up shelter.  These are all monitored by a trained professional.
  2. Adventure Therapy – Adventure therapy can be an extremely effective way to help an individual sort through difficulties. It helps a person to build confidence, problem-solving skills, interpersonal relations, and can improve their persistence.  Adventure therapy can include things such as zip lines, rope courses, or nature activities like kayaking.
  3. Group Art Therapy – Art therapy has shown to be very beneficial in the treatment of addiction. A common difficulty in addiction treatment is the person being unable to properly communicate about their addiction or struggles.  They can’t seem to find the words to express themselves, making it difficult to get ideas across, which can hinder the person making any real progress in treatment.  Art gives the person a way to express and communicate these things through a different medium.
  4. Group Music Therapy – Music therapy can be a phenomenal method used to assist addiction recovery. Music therapy within a treatment center, such as Best Drug Rehabilitation, will focus on listening and playing music.  Music has shown to have several beneficial effects, including assisting concentration, affecting moods, and releasing stress and anxiety.  Learning how to play an instrument can not only provide a person with a creative outlet to express themselves but can also give them a hobby to occupy the time that was previously used for substance abuse.
  5. Martial Arts – Martial arts include a wide range of benefits in general, and can provide several that benefit addiction as well. For instance, there is a multitude of physical benefits from martial arts, including improved flexibility and muscle strength, reduced stress, and better balance.  There is also the factor that martial arts teach self-discipline, which can help an individual to take control of their addiction.  It can help a person to begin to clear the mind of stress, cravings, and other difficulties that can hinder them in life.

Receive Addiction Treatment at Best Drug Rehabilitation

Finding quality addiction treatment can be difficult sometimes, as there are so many different types of treatment centers out there, but there is no need to look any further.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we offer a multitude of modalities all under one roof.  Our comprehensive assessment of each person’s case, as well as our large array of treatment options, allows us to craft tailored treatment programs that can address the person’s addiction as a whole.  Our staff is here to answer any questions that you may have in regard to our program.  Do not wait, give us a call today.

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