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Sober Camping at the 2015 Backwoods Music Festival

Enjoying a Sober Life to its Fullest

One of the biggest and most important parts of recovery from addiction is making long-term lifestyle changes. The goal is to find a way of living that is healthy, positive and productive. This can be rather troublesome at times, and many people have struggled with substance abuse issues or have gone through the recovery process that has questioned whether or not they will ever be able to have fun or enjoy themselves again. The simple answer is “Of course you can!”

Recovery from addiction does not mean that life will suddenly be utterly boring or that the person can no longer do any of the things that they used to enjoy when they were still drinking or using drugs. While going out to bars or nightclubs is not a good idea for a person in recovery, there are still plenty of things that they can enjoy without being stressed about resisting temptation and staying sober.

Backwoods Music and Camping Festival

Music lovers who have been or are currently going through the recovery process have most likely been to a majority of music events in their life while under the influence. For many of these people, the idea of going to a concert or music festival may cause anxiety or doubt about their recovery and their ability to remain substance-free. However, for those fans that do not want to abandon their love of music, a responsible alternative should be available to them. It is for this reason that Best Drug Rehabilitation is sponsoring the “Live To Be Sober” Camping Area at the 2015 Backwoods Music and Camping Festival in Oklahoma.

Substance-Free Environments

Many music festivals like Backwoods have sober camping areas which provide safe, substance-free environments for festival goers and music lovers who, without any judgment whatsoever of other festival attendees, have chosen to enjoy the festival in a clean and sober state. Many sober zones also provide space for recovery group support meetings (such as AA/NA or SMART Recovery) if any of the campers feel the need to talk, drawing strength from one another and keeping each other motivated to stay clean in a situation where they might have previously used drugs or alcohol.

A person who is in recovery from addiction usually comes to realize that there are plenty of people who are just like them, who have shared the same experiences and a very similar journey through recovery. While every person is unique, with their personalities and backgrounds, many of the people that have overcome addiction have taken the same steps and can understand each other in ways that people who have not gone through the recovery process cannot. It is these similarities that form the basis of the strong support networks that are so vital in remaining sober after completing a treatment program.

With the right program, patients don’t simply get clean and sober, not to say that is a mere process on its own. The best program is designed to help them uncover and address the underlying issues that may be causing their addictive behaviors. They learn a variety of skills and discover many tools that will allow them to face life head-on and remain substance-free. With the confidence in themselves that comes from a strong foundation in recovery, our patients come to understand that they can still enjoy life and have fun without using drugs or alcohol, and still participate in many of the types of things that they did before. In fact, they discover that life becomes much more enjoyable when clean and sober, especially when they can remember it the next day!

In recovery, building and maintaining strong support networks is crucial to remaining drug and alcohol-free. These support systems are also beneficial in discovering other functions and events that a person can enjoy with like-minded people, and even organize some events of their own, like a BBQ picnic, a fishing trip or even just a night out at the movies. Life doesn’t end when you quit using drugs and alcohol. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Life begins with recovery.

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