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Taste of Nashville Tour – Peck Music Festival


Peck Fest – Taste of Nashville Tour

Rodney Atkins, Joe Diffie, Trailer Choir, Black Mountain Shine, Tom Dixon, Jeff Dane & Mike Short Jr

Kanawha River Campground

10758 Charleston Rd
Point Pleasant, WV 25550

Date: September 4th & 5th

Tickets: www.peckfest.eventbrite.com


For some years now it has been noticed that music has a great influence on the recovery of those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.  It’s called Music Therapy, and it works, and it works well.  Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a music program of its own, and the staff encourages the clients to engage in Music Therapy whether they know how to play an instrument or not.

Peck Music Festival is a Form of Music Therapy for Our Clients

Music Therapy makes a big difference in the lives of those who struggle to fight addiction in more ways than one.  Most importantly though, it essentially allows struggling addicts to branch out and find a way to communicate and to express ideas that they potentially were not able to do before.

The truth of the matter is that the written sentence and the spoken word are only two ways of communicating thoughts and ideas.  A lot of times recovering addicts find it difficult to get their ideas across with just these two methods alone.  Usually, they need something more and they need something even better than that.  They can get it, but if often takes a lot of work and a lot of effort to arrive at the right and proper conclusions effectively.  Realistically though, there are a lot of other methods and means for achieving sobriety and recovery and for communicating what is really troubling an individual and for working through key issues that have nothing to do with speaking or writing at all.  One of these methods is Music Therapy.

Best Drug Rehabilitation started applying Music Therapy many years ago, and the results have been quite beneficial and exemplary ever since.  Clients are really benefiting from it a lot and are making great gains and recoveries from it.  In fact, it is thought that this method and this method alone is probably the most popular elective offered at the treatment center.  Certainly, it is having a very good effect on the clients at the rehab center and it is allowing them to have breakthroughs like never before.

What We Did with the Peck Music Festival

Last summer, we did something special for our clients by giving them an opportunity to, upon the completion of their program, to go to the Peck Music Festival or the “Peck Fest”.  This annual event is quite popular in the music scene, and a lot of our clients already knew about it.  If clients displayed exemplary behavior and worked hard and contributed to the community and really showed that they were tackling their addiction head on, they were given assistance in going to the festival once they graduated our program.

The festival was held on July 22-23, 2015 at Kanawha River Campground.  The excitement for the fest had been building for the event for months, and this was particular exciting for the BDR clients who were already engaging in Music Therapy.  Peck Fest featured key musicians like:

  • Chris Janson
  • Kane Brown
  • Krista Hughes
  • Team Blake
  • Black Mountain Shine
  • Tom Dixon
  • Rodney Atkins
  • Double Barrel
  • Mike Short Jr
  • Whiskey Rose
  • Jeff Dane
  • Trailer Choir
  • Joe Diffie

A lot of these artists and groups were in recovery themselves, and a big focus of the festival was on that of sobriety and recovery, making it perfect for BDR graduates to go to.  Ticket sales were record breaking at Peck Fest last year, so BDR clients were thrilled to have the opportunity to go to the festival after they graduated, and to represent BDR there and to promote sobriety, recovery, and healthy living at the festival.  Garry Peck, the festival organizer, was very enthused about BDR’s involvement in the festival and the fact that he was going to have several individuals in recovery at the festival promoting abstinence and sobriety and keeping the festival clean and pure.

Community Involvement

Any activity that really gets recovering addicts involved in their local community really does create great benefits for those trying to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  It is a total misnomer that one has to abuse drugs and alcohol to have fun, and this event at the Peck Music Festival proved just that.  Best Drug Rehabilitation makes a point every year to support, host, and involve its staff and clients in multiple different programs and organizations, activities and events from community events to fundraising campaigns to local events and festivals to volunteering campaigns and to charitable projects and crusades.  All of this overall promotes the ultimate goal of giving drug and alcohol addicts the best chances that they have at achieving a level of true and pure sobriety the likes of which they have never known before, and the whole idea is to get recovering addicts involved in the community and in very pro-sobriety, anti-substance abuse activities and projects.

We at Best Drug Rehabilitation have seen nothing but good things come from offering these programs and outreach activities to our clients, and we promise to continue to offer these chances and opportunities to our clients for years to come too.


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    Yes, me, please! What a great event!

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    Love to see them live

  • Jonathan

    Any one of these events are great and it would be a privilege for anyone to win tickets to one of these for free.

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