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Spreading a Positive Message Through Music at Peck Fest 2015

In an effort to raise awareness about addiction and the positive alternatives to substance abuse, Best Drug Rehabilitation sponsors Peck Fest 2015.

As the last couple of weeks of summer held sway over the Eastern United States for just a little while longer, the “Taste of Nashville” Tour was in full swing, making stops in Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Maryland. Point Pleasant, WV, just past the state border of Ohio, was the site for a weekend of fun and music called “Peck Fest”. Named in honor of Gary Peck, the owner of the Kanawha River Campground where the event was held, this two day festival had several well-known country performers, including Rodney Atkins and Joe Diffie, as well as numerous rising talents in the country-rock community, such as Trailer Choir, Double Barrel, Mike Short Jr, and many others.

Best Drug Rehabilitation was happy to sponsor Peck Fest, which was held on September 4th-5th, 2015. We took the opportunity to talk with some of the weekend’s performers about their views on addiction and their ideas on how we can overcome some of the problems that arise from substance abuse. Over the years, we have found that one of the most effective ways that we can continue to recommend the best in addiction recovery programs is by reexamining the issues surrounding drug abuse and alcoholism. Through open dialogue with people who have had experience with the effects of addiction in their lives, whether it is through their own personal struggles or through witnessing a close friend or relative fighting chemical dependency, we are able to gain valuable insight and that unique first-person perspective on addiction and recovery. From musicians and actors and other entertainment professionals to public figures and civic leaders, and even to regular, everyday people who have seen the dangers and darkness of substance abuse, every person that we talk with has a story to share and something to teach us.

Musicians Speaking Out About Addiction at Peck Fest

In the professional music community, substance abuse and addiction seem to run rampant. On radio and in music videos, alcohol and drugs are often glorified, and consumption of various substances to the point of abuse is glamorized. In nightclubs and at college parties across the nation, anthems singing the praises of excessive drinking and drug use are heard on a nightly basis. However, while it may seem that this is the norm, there are still plenty of musicians and performers who understand that addiction to drugs and alcohol is dangerous and deadly, and spread a message of finding healthier and more positive alternatives to substance abuse.

Jeff Dane, one of the rising stars that hit the stage at Peck Fest, has a solo career as well as being the lead singer for The Lost Trailers. He had a somewhat personal view of substance abuse and recovery. “As a musician, it is hard to stay sober out on the road,” he shared. “I have personally dealt with addiction, but I’ve since kicked that habit. It’s a really hard struggle to be out on the road under addiction, because it takes a toll physically, mentally and emotionally. But as long as you are alive and kicking, it’s never too late.” Having overcome his own substance abuse issues, Jeff understands the struggle that many people face as they work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Tom Dixon is another star that was featured at Peck Fest. He has won several awards, including “Country Act of the Year” at the 2013 New England Music Awards, a fan nominated and voted award. His message offers hope and optimism for people struggling with addiction, as well as a note of the personal responsibility that they hold in recovery. “There’s so many opportunities out there for everyone in the world,” he observes. “Even if you’ve had a problem (with addiction) at some point in your life, it doesn’t mean it’s over. You have an opportunity to change that, and you have to want to do that.”

Dustin Miller and Jared Elledge have been playing music together for over seven years, performing at small gigs around their hometown in Eastern Tennessee. After a move to Nashville, they began performing under the name Double Barrel, and have been touring constantly to build a name for themselves. Jared had a few words of encouragement for people that are fighting to overcome addiction. “Go be addicted to something positive,” he offers. “If you want to make nutcrackers for a living,” he continues with a chuckle, “go make nutcrackers and be the best at it. If you want to be a musician, go be a musician and be the best musician you can be. Make that your drug.”

There were several other performers at Peck Fest that spoke with us that weekend, all with their own unique viewpoints and messages about addiction and recovery.

Taking a Stand Against Addiction

As we strive to provide our patients with the most effective options in treatment programs that we possibly can, Best Drug Rehabilitation is committed to being an effective force in the fight against substance abuse. In fulfilling our primary role as an addiction recovery referral service, seek programs that may be adaptable to any person that is seeking help in overcoming their compulsive behaviors. We understand that every person is unique and that his or her individual journey through the recovery process will likewise be unique. Through speaking with others about their experiences and viewpoints on addiction, we are able to ensure that each patient that contacts us for assistance can count on receiving personalized care and will be able to play a role in designing a recovery strategy that will best suit their needs. Addicts need to find the tools to lead a substance-free lifestyle. They must discover the strength and ability to create a more promising and optimistic future.

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