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K-Mart Christmas Giveaway

Best Drug Rehabilitation has always been very centered on helping out the community and engaging its clients in volunteering their time and engaging in various community events and activities.  There is a strong benefit that comes to those who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general when they do this. In December, we helped with the Christmas Giveaway.

The problem is that drug and alcohol addicts for so long have been such serious detriment to society that they often don’t know what to do or cannot find a way to get out of the crisis and do something proactive about it.  They usually have caused untold suffering in the lives of many, and their home communities have often suffered as well as a result of their addiction.  This is a lot to bear for recovering addicts, and it is often too much for them, and they end up relapsing in the long run, as entirely counter-productive as that is.

It was found that unless recovering addicts are given an opportunity to make up the damage done by giving back to a community, to any community really, but to reverse the flow and the trend that they have been so used to. Then positive recovery can finally take place and the right direction can finally be begun for them.  Best Drug Rehabilitation for some time now has seen the impressive benefits that can come about from engaging in activities like this, and these activities are now being strongly and greatly encouraged here.

Community efforts are win-win situations for recovering addicts.  The individuals themselves get to experience the benefits and the gains from giving back to their community and of really helping people and really giving them a lot of assistance and a lot of care and a lot of attention.  This acts as a therapy of its own and it really does wonders for solidifying a recovering addict’s sobriety and overall stability in life.  Furthermore, the action of them helping out the community in general really does wonders for the community and for the lives of those in the community who are benefited by the individual’s hard work.  Volunteering is one of the best activities any individual can engage in, and doing just this while going through rehab has multiple, positive effects and reactions.

What Best Drug Rehabilitation Did Last Year

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we make a point to really help out around Christmas time especially, though we do run volunteer programs and community activities year round.  Last year around Christmas time, on Thursday, December the 10th, some of the staff took a trip to the local K-Mart Superstore in Manistee, Michigan and set out to give shoppers some added Christmas cheer and holiday happiness.  Dressed as Santa and his elves, and armed with K-Mart gift cards and bundles of holiday cheer, several of our staff went to the store to search for people to hand out the cards to.  We did good deeds for dozens of Kmart shoppers that day and had a good time doing it.  We sang to passersby, and we talked to shoppers about addiction in Michigan and what we were doing about it.  Our clients engaged in conversation with shoppers too, all working to promote sobriety, peace on earth, and goodwill to man.

This excursion only lasted for a few hours but it had a really good result on our clients.  They felt quite enlightened by having been able to help holiday shoppers out, and the overall reception at Kmart of our activities was quite appreciated.

The Strength of Giving Back

Taking the time and the energy to help others while in recovery is a very beneficial and pro-sobriety thing to do.  When a recovering addict takes time out of his or her life on a regular basis to assist others in his or her area to live better lives, he or she is effectively making up some of the overall damage done while being addicted.  It is karma in its fullest form, and it really does do wonders for a person in recovery.

One of the greatest incentives to relapse is that of guilt.  Guilt weighs heavily on the hearts and souls of most addicts. This is exactly what is often the cause of relapse for the majority of recovering addicts.  They feel guilty for what they’ve done, so they relapse, and they do the exact thing that caused them to feel guilty in the first place.  It is crazy logic but that is the truth of it, and after all, addiction is very illogical.

However, when one has the chance to do good deeds for others, it is an atonement and a renewing of one’s vitality and peace of mind in the very best of ways.  With volunteering and helping out in one’s community, one learns the benefits of healthy and sober living, and this becomes very important to the individual.

For these reasons and then some we at Best Drug Rehabilitation will continue to participate in community programs and volunteer activities.  We see this as being highly beneficial, and we will continue to approach these activities with passion and excitement for years to come.

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  • I really like when people do programs like this! It is really a testament to the power of Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year and getting people into the giving mood. I also think this is powerful in terms of rehabilitating the drug addicts that are recovering as it gets them into the middle of the giving process and gives them a great way to give back to the community. Either way you look at it this type of an activity is great to see and I am happy that they are doing it!

  • I thought this was such a great idea. I always like to see when people that are recovering from something like this are given the chance to get back and give back. I think that it is very nice that these recovering patients were given the opportunity to do this.

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