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BDR team at MADD Walk

Best Drug Rehabilitation Top Donor to Walk Like MADD

Part of recovering from addiction comes from making amends and righting the wrongs of one’s past. This comes in many forms, from direct apology to service work in the community. In this spirit, Best Drug Rehabilitation clients and staff members participated in the first Walk Like MADD event that had ever been held in Grand Rapids, MI, on September 13, 2014.

“We decided to do the MADD walk because we wanted to be able to let the patients see the things they’ve done with their drug use and alcohol abuse and how they’re affected, how their families are affected, how other people are affected by this every day,” said Veronica Johnson, Deputy Executive Director at BDR.

BDR didn’t just participate in the MADD walk; the team was the event’s largest donor, contributing $5,475 in support. In fact, once family members of the participating patients caught wind of the event, they donated as well.

“We were very well represented there,” said Matt P. “We had about 18 people, including staff. We were the largest team there supporting this 1st annual cause in Grand Rapids for MADD. I felt very honored to be there with such a great group.”

According to MADD, more than 10,000 people die annually in drunk driving accidents. The organization depends on funds raised by events such as this to continue their work towards ending this preventable act. Participating in the event left many on BDR’s team thinking about their actions in the past and how they should change those actions moving forward.

“I think about how many times I’ve driven drunk and how lucky I am to still be here and that I didn’t hurt my kids or other people or myself,” said Melissa P.

Ultimately, the event made a lasting impression on those from BDR who participated and also supported a cause whose mission — making communities safer — aligns with the rehab facility’s work of helping those who struggle with substance abuse problems.

“On behalf of the National Board of Director’s and staff of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your contribution,” said Executive Director Tyler MacEachran, MPA. “Thanks to your generous donation, MADD has raised over $17,000 in the first year of Walk Like MADD at this location.

“We are grateful for your commitment to MADD’s mission to stop drunk driving, support victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking.”

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