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Appreciating New Life – Best Drug Rehabilitation Goes Skating

Taking a day to relax and have some fun, patients and staff from rehabs visited West Shore Community Ice Arena for some winter fun. They are certainly appreciating sober life.

Recovering from addiction is often challenging and stressful. Re-emerging emotions can be overwhelming, and digging deep to uncover the underlying causes of a person’s addictive behaviors can be painful at times. While progress in the treatment program is the first and highest priority, there is also a need for some time to unwind and simply relax, blow off some steam, have a little fun, and maybe share a few laughs. As often as we can, we try to bring this opportunity to our patients. After all, part of recovery is appreciating new life.

Appreciating New Life and Progress in Recovery Programs

As winter entered its last few weeks across the Northern Midwest, we thought it would be fun to join people who have made significant progress in their recovery program.  Traveling to the nearby town of Ludington, MI, just a short drive from our offices, we paid a visit to the West Shore Community Ice Arena, where the day was spent gliding, and sliding, across the ice.

This day trip wasn’t just about relaxing and having fun. It is important for recovering addicts to relearn how to create healthy and functioning relationships. The time that they spend with one another, both in and out of the halls of the rehabilitation center, helps to build a strong foundation for the support system that will continue to carry them along the path of recovery long after they graduate from the treatment center.

It Is Possible to Have Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol

Taking time for things like this skating rink excursion also helps to reinforce one of the most important concepts in overcoming addiction – that it IS possible to have fun and enjoy the world around us without drugs or alcohol. That we CAN tolerate and even enjoy the company of others without being high or drunk, and that we make much better company ourselves when we are clean, sober and free from the bonds of addiction.

Throughout their stay at the recovery center, the patients are offered many opportunities to get out and enjoy their newfound appreciation for life and the beauty that the world has to offer us. The results-based program does not adhere to any 30-, 60-, or 90-day time frame but rather focuses on progress in recovery and allows plenty of time for the patient to fully absorb the treatment process. With this kind of flexible and dynamic program, taking a day here or there to experience the world with the refreshed vision of sobriety doesn’t impact the patient’s progress in any way. Instead, it supplements it and gives them a stronger sense of confidence and a more positive self-image, and helps them to feel more comfortable with themselves around other people. They discover that they can in fact function as a member of society and contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.

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