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Why Teens and Young Adults are More Susceptible to Drugs

Young adults start drugs to deaden difficult feelings, to fit in with their peers, and largely because they don’t believe drugs are going to harm them. The effects of drugs are often pleasurable sensations so their experience with them is positive. There is often a fascination associated with drugs that heightens a young person’s curiosity. They seldom, if ever, associate drugs with addictions.

They Use Drugs as a Defense or Rebellion

Sadly in our society, young people can suffer a lot of mental and physical trauma. Drugs are supposedly the cure all that can help them to deal with unsatisfactory home lives, emotional abuse, relationships that have gone wrong or any number of factors that cause them turmoil. Sometimes those tragedies are simply not feeling loved or wanted. Drugs may be used in those situations just to evoke some kind of attention from the adults in their life.

Advertisements Promote Pain Relief

Our society relies a lot on getting the word out on products. Drug companies are no different and advertise their products and the pain relieving effects they enhance. The radio, TV and Internet all advertise these products and these media are all part of the young adults every day activities.

What Effects do Drugs Have on the Mind?

Drugs literally are poison. How much a person takes decides the effect. They directly affect the mind and distort the user’s perception of what is going on around them. They block off most sensations while giving short term pain relief. Sometimes those effects are physical, often times emotional. In a young adult they are an escape, even if temporary from something or someone.

How Many Young Adults and Teens are Addicted?

Research recently conducted on alcoholism and drug abuse among teenagers showed on average they begin with alcohol at age 11 for boys and age 13 for girls. Other related statistics:

  • Forty percent of teens who started drinking at age 13 developed an addiction for alcohol later in life.
  • One in four school seniors say they drink on a daily basis.
  • Thirty three percent of teens experience problems at home and school that are a result of substance abuse.
  • Those that use marijuana more than 50 times before age 18 have an increased rate of developing schizophrenia later in life.
  • Young adults who smoke marijuana are 85 times more likely to use cocaine than non-smoking peers.

Unfortunately, far too many of these teens continue using and abusing until any hope they may have had for a lucrative future are completely gone.

Don’t Do It Alone

Battling addictions is extremely hard and is not something anyone should attempt on their own. Detoxification and withdrawals should be monitored by a trained professional to see you through the process. Once you have an awareness of the addiction and the effect it is having on both your mental and physical well-being, a therapist can help you with the other parts of your life that are the trigger points for the use, and help you learn how to cope with them, without drugs or alcohol.


  • sabrina larkins

    Well written article, nowadays all you hear or see are these young kids falling into bad habits and not being able to pull themselves out.

  • Casscilla Cosby

    I think that this is so true about getting the help you need.

  • Shannon Green

    All very true, these things and many others are reasonms turn to drugs at a young age, but mostly it is to rebel or escape the every day, or just simply to do the forbidden.

  • rahman quadri

    This makes sense, the statistics and everything.

  • Sean

    teens are very delicate and are in a world of peer pressure. it is very true that teens who dont have a role model in life end up doing drugs becuase it numbs the pain, but numbs the brain at the same time. even though it is very harmeful to them, they do it anyways because they dont have a choice because of lack of direction and or role models.

  • Matt Paolone

    I think one of the biggest problems for teens these days is the prescription medications belonging to other people in the household. They can go right in their bathroom cabinet and find controlled substances.

  • Davor Koteski

    Very nice blog post. I too think that teens this days are more susceptible to drugs because they want to try new things and think that it wouldn’t do them any harm but they are in grave danger

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