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The Physical Effects of Rohypnol

People may use substances for several different purposes. It could be that they are prescribed something for a medical condition, they are looking for the euphoric effects of some substance, or they may be trying to make themselves feel better about something. Whatever the case, there are numerous substances that can be used for all of the above, and there are also some that people can use for themselves or use them on others for malicious reasons. One of the latter could be Rohypnol, which is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and is also commonly referred to as the “date rape” drug.

Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine, and these types of substances can provide anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant, and sedative-hypnotic types of effects. It is often used for the purpose of treating insomnia, as the above effects can help a person to get relaxed and fall asleep. Of course, these types of effects can also be quite appealing to many recreational users.

Rohypnol as the Date Rape Drug

Back to Rohypnol being the date rape drug, it is obviously used for malicious purposes in this regard. In fact, if you have ever heard of the term “roofie,” Rohypnol is generally what is being referred to. When used in this way, it is generally slipped into someone’s drink so that sexual assault can take place. It is effective in this way because when placed in a drink, it is tasteless and odorless. It can bring about sleep and sedation to incapacitate an individual for this to happen, and it can also cause amnesia so that the victim may not even remember the assault. Because of how frequently that Rohypnol was being used for this purpose, measures were taken to help prevent it. One of these was that the pill was reformulated from a white tablet to a green oblong tablet that dyes liquids blue, as it used to be colorless when placed in drinks. Although, generics brands may not have this safeguard in place.

There are also several other effects that Rohypnol can have upon an individual, including impaired judgment and reaction time, aggression, confusion, and excitability. In regard to physical effects, it can cause loss of motor coordination, respiratory depression, headaches, weakness, and slurred speech.

Of course, there is also the potential for physical dependence and addiction. If an individual continues use of this drug over time, they may find themselves in withdrawal when no longer taking it, or engaging in risky behavior when seeking it. In this situation, they should seek professional help to get off of it. There is also the possibility of overdose, which could include symptoms like decreased heart rate, severe sedation, unconsciousness, and respiratory suppression that could result in death.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You or A Loved One

Struggling with addiction to any substance can be quite arduous, but it can be overcome. Through comprehensive addiction treatment, an individual can achieve their sobriety, which is where Best Drug Rehabilitation can help. We create a customized addiction treatment program for each person that is admitted into our facility, which allows the unique difficulties of each case to be addressed. Many facilities tend to create their programs with a one size fits all approach, but we recognize that this is often unsuccessful, which is why we approach treatment on an individualized basis. In fact, we offer a range of different modalities so that we can craft a program to fit virtually anyone. Give us a call today and one of our advisors will answer any questions that you may have in regard to our program.

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