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The Most Frequently Abused Drugs Today

The number of substances out there being used and abused by people seems virtually innumerable. Over the years, a multitude of new substances have entered the scene, and older ones have continued to be altered and made more potent. With the various legal and illicit substances that riddle the country, it is no wonder why addiction rates continue to be such a large issue. Of course, some substances tend to be used by a much smaller percentage of people, and then some heavy hitters are the most frequently abused drugs today.

Of the Most Frequently Abused Drugs, Marijuana is Number One

Marijuana has been and continues to be the most commonly used illicit substance. Of course, the illegal aspect has begun to change somewhat, as several states within the nation have legalized it. Numerous states have legalized it for medical purposes, and a few others have even legalized it for recreational use. Other than that, it is still quite illicit in numerous parts of the country. A few of the effects of marijuana can be quite appealing to users, such as euphoria and relaxation. Some will also experience altered time perception, laughter, increased sensory perception, and often increased appetite. Of course, as with any substance, there are also several negative effects that can come along with marijuana use such as paranoia, fear, anxiety, distrust, or panic. And some that take larger amounts may experience an acute psychosis, which could bring about hallucinations or delusions.


Also common among users is K-2 or Spice, which can be a variety of herbal mixtures that bring about similar effects to those of marijuana. These are illicit substances and have no medicinal or other types of beneficial value. Spice is one of the most frequently abused drugs by high schoolers. Some of the packagings of these substances may state that they contain natural material, but analyses done upon them commonly shows that they are synthetic cannabinoids.

Spice can be quite a dangerous substance, as it carries some pretty massive adverse effects, such as vomiting, agitation, rapid heart rate, hallucinations, increased blood pressure, and sometimes even heart attacks.

Some Other Frequently Abused Drugs are Prescription Medications

Numerous substances can have a valuable purpose within the medical realm, but many of these are also commonly abused drugs. One of the most frequent instances of this is with opioids, which are prescription painkillers. These are obviously used to mitigate pain from some conditions such as injuries or post-surgical, but they also have a range of effects that can be appealing to people. They can bring about a sense of euphoria, pain relief, and relaxation. Not only does this make recreational users fall into abuse and addiction to them, but it can also result in those legitimately prescribed them beginning to abuse the meds. Adverse effects of opioids can include constipation, slowed breathing, nausea, coma, unconsciousness, and numerous withdrawal effects when people cease use. The opioid epidemic has been sweeping the nation at a rapid pace, and many overdoses and deaths have been following in the wake.

There are also stimulant medications, such as Adderall and Ritalin, which can be used to treat medical conditions like ADHD or Narcolepsy. Stimulants can bring about effects like increased alertness, more energy, and a sense of well-being. But they can also have their range of adverse side effects such as muscle shaking or tremors, increased body temperature, agitation, and increased heart rate.

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