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Street Drugs Killing the Youth in America

Today There are Many Street Drugs Killing America’s Youth

The ebb and flow of drug use in the United States often mirror the arrival of new drugs on the market or increased availability of certain illicit substances. Some of the most popular drugs with America’s youth today, and ones that land kids in an addiction rehab center, include exotic street drugs like bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

One of the most shocking statistics of modern drug use isn’t the type of drugs being used, but rather the percentage of kids taking drugs. The National Institutes of Health conducts a study each year on drug abuse in youth, and their 2012 survey suggested that out of 45,000 respondents rates of marijuana use were up significantly and the use of synthetic marijuana (usually known as spice or K2) was also on the rise. Street drugs are very popular among the youth of America.

Bath Salts, One of the Most Dangerous Street Drugs

Although the name might make someone think of a product available from a health and beauty store, bath salts are a synthetic drug that contains chemicals that mimic the effects of amphetamines (stimulants). Bath salts impact the brain much like cocaine and cause a euphoric feeling in users. Reports of death due to consumption of bath salts have raised fears regarding the growing popularity of the drug with American teenagers.

The government in the United States has deemed bath salts as such a threat to the country’s youth that the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act was signed into law to make illegal the ingredients of bath salts. Unfortunately, people who manufacture bath salts have changed the chemical composition of this dangerous drug to continue selling the drugs without fear of imprisonment.

Marijuana and Synthetic Marijuana, the Most Popular of the Street Drugs

Emerging opinions on marijuana as a safe substance are influencing America’s youth in their belief that smoking weed offers no harm to the body. Views from youth on the subject range from the idea that smoking marijuana is “healthier” than smoking cigarettes to the belief that smoking pot helps with focus in school.

Unfortunately, this widespread perception that marijuana is harmless has extended to opinions on synthetic marijuana, and in just a few short years, this substance has created great concern among health professionals and law enforcement. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently revealed that synthetic marijuana use was second only to marijuana by high school seniors.

Due to synthetic marijuana’s recent arrival in America’s classrooms, its potential for long term harm and death is unknown. Some reports suggest that the substance is highly toxic and has been responsible for heart attacks, vomiting, and hallucinations.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Some of the most common drugs abused by teenagers in the United States aren’t illicit drugs but are pharmaceuticals obtained on the black market or through trading with other kids. Some of the most widely abused drugs that are second only to marijuana (and synthetic marijuana) use are prescription medications like Adderall and Vicodin. In surveys, students also revealed the use of Oxycontin and Ritalin.

One of the most shocking aspects of prescription drug abuse is that overdose deaths due to prescription drug abuse represent the largest source of death due to a drug overdose. Hence,  prescription drugs kill more teenagers than hard drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Widespread and Varied Abuse of Street Drugs

Although bath salts, marijuana, and prescription drugs remain the major threats to teenagers, an incredible number of other dangerous substances also make their way into American homes on a regular basis. The latest Monitoring the Future study suggested that 2.7 percent of high school seniors had tried cocaine in some form, and almost 3 percent of students had tried any number of inhalants that were classified as illicit drugs by the government.

Reducing the spread and acceptance of street drugs and drug abuse as an acceptable behavior in teenagers requires intense lessons in how such drugs may cause lifelong dependence and death. It is also important for society to realize the implications of declaring drugs like marijuana as harmless since teenagers are apt to copy the sentiments of adults regarding opinions on drugs.


  • jethro torres

    This article is great. Very helpful tips on what drugs, street drugs that are killing America’s youth. I didn’t know you can abuse prescription drugs, which is common for teens too. I recommend reading this article.

  • abigail

    This is very informative. thank you for posting this article. it opened my eyes

  • Ryan lew

    Bath salts here in the Northeast US have become a big issue. Sad to see it happen to the young of the nation

  • Aleks Mistro

    It is sad how kids these days are available to use any drug so easy. Glad that have rehabilitation for whoever needs it.

  • Tanesha Williams

    I had no idea there was even a such thing as synthetic mary jane and the fact that kids have gotten ahold of it is just a shame. I really hope that doctors get ahold of this drug and release the side effects before its too late

  • Billie Martz

    Excellent post! The one street drug that is probably the most dangerous now is Bath Salts, because they can be purchased easily and kids don’t seem to realize the serious harm they do until it is too late. Teens are so easily influenced by their peers, and is appears that drug use has, in some cases, become quite acceptable. Thanks for this timely and relevant article!

  • stephanie williams

    I believe Decriminalize drugs, tax them, and make sure they’re safe then this wouldn’t happen. The whole reason youth are doing drugs is because they are illegal. If we take away the adrenaline factor it may decrease the amount of kids dying.

  • Doug Renke

    prescription drug abuse is rampant in the US

  • Bruce Summers

    Great website! Thanks for the informative articles you have published.

  • Lau Race

    Thank you for taking the time to write this meaningful and truthful story. This is certainly an eye opener and should raise awareness about simple things that are killing our kids and we might not be paying a lot of attention to.

  • masum

    this is nice post for health

  • ronke

    It’s about time the government look into this drugs… So many lives has been wasted.. It’s sad

  • gaylon hogan

    I did not know bath salt was a popular drug among young people and would love to see it out of the reach of the wrong hands

  • Ava Maria

    Synthetic Marijuana is the absolute worst thing that could have happened. It’s one thing to have a natural plant considered unsafe, it’s a double whammy to then make a synthetic version.

  • Joseph Clark

    That’s interesting. I didn’t know bath salts could be used in this way.

  • c. shrum

    yes, because maijuana is legal kids will see that and will try it easier and once they do they’ll be opened to want to try more and more drugs.

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