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Spotting Roofies: How to Protect Yourself and Others this Summer

There is a multitude of substances out there can that can be extremely dangerous to an individual.  Some of these are often taken willingly, but they can be forced on someone as well.  This includes the hellacious substances that are referred to as “date rape drugs” or “roofies.” There are several substances that could come under this heading.  For instance, one of the largest and most common is alcohol, but others commonly used include GHB, Ketamine, and Rohypnol.  Rohypnol is the drug that is most frequently referred to as a “roofie,” but all of the other substances can be used for the same purpose of secretly placing it in a drink and taking advantage of the person affected. With summer coming quickly, the occurrence of roofied drinks is going to increase quite heavily. It is important for those who will be out partying and drinking to stay aware of this potential, as well as know how to stay protected.

Safety Tips for The Summer Season

Those who are out and about are at a heavy disadvantage when it comes to looking out for their drink being roofied, as the substances used have no odor, taste, or color to identify them.  This is why it is important to focus on preventative measures to ensure that no one even has a chance to put them in your drink. There are several things you can do to protect yourself and your friends from roofies this summer season, such as:

  • Do Not Leave Your Drink Unattended – It can be quite easy for predators to slip these substances into a drink without being noticed. All it takes is a short look away for them to put a few drops in. When out and about, never leave your drink unattended.  Take it with you at all times, whether it is just walking around or going to use the bathroom.  You can also cover your drink with your hand as you are walking around or chatting with someone to make sure there is no chance of it getting drugged.
  • Use the Buddy System – Always go out with a friend that you can completely trust. This way they can watch out for you throughout the night, and vice versa. It is important that it be someone you completely trust, as most sexual assaults are committed by someone the person knows.
  • Stay Aware of How You Feel – These drugs bring about certain effects that you must stay aware of. If you begin to feel nauseous, dizzy, lightheaded, or abnormal in other ways, inform your buddy and stay close to them, and seek help immediately.
  • Watch Out for Others – If you see suspicious activity that might be indicative of attempted date rape, such as someone putting something in a drink, or carrying an unconscious person away, step in or report it.

If you maintain the above points, and those with you do the same, having a great and safe time can be easy.  Unfortunately, this type of sexual assault is quite common, which is why it is important to remain vigilant of it even if you feel it is unlikely to happen to you. After all, the old cliché of “better safe than sorry” can apply here.  Stay safe this summer season.

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