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Drug Interaction vs. Drug Overdose: Why Both are Dangerous

There can be a variety of dangers associated with the use, side effects, and abuse of drugs or alcohol.  But there can be certain conditions of drug use that can be particularly hazardous to a person.  Two of these potential conditions are drug overdose and drug interaction.

What is Drug Interaction?

Drug interaction can produce a variety of different results.  There is a multitude of various substances out there that are used by individuals, and these all produce their own types of effects.  But a whole new level of effects and reactions can be produced when an individual begins to combine different substances with each other.  This may not even necessarily be a situation that the individual is aware of, as there are many who receive various prescriptions from different or unaware practitioners, and they could combine these medications without knowing the potential reactions.  This could produce a wide variety of different effects upon a person.  There is also the situation of those who combine illicit drugs with various other substances.  They often do this to achieve a better high without realizing the dangers of it, or simply not caring.  The various interactions of drugs can be extremely risky.  For instance, opiates and alcohol are both depressants, and when combined, they tend to magnify each other’s effects.  The combination of these two can actually cause the central nervous system to shut down, resulting in respiratory arrest and death.

Drug Overdose

Drug overdose is a condition that can be brought about by one of a few different ways.  In very simple terms, a drug overdose is when too much of a substance is taken into the body, causing a variety of different reactions.  This can come about from a multitude of substances, and how much it takes can vary between individuals.  More potent substances, such as opiates, can be much easier to overdose on than others.  But an overdose can also be brought about by drug interactions, depending on what the substances are and how much is used.  Overdose can be extremely dangerous and can result in a toxic state or death.  Just as with drug interactions, overdose can be accidental or intentional.  It could be due to the person attempting to obtain a better high, accidentally taking too much, or because they are trying to commit suicide.

What Both Conditions Could Indicate

Obviously, the bottom line is that both of these conditions can be hazardous and even deadly.  The various interactions of substances should be known before attempting to mix them.  And for those who are doing it to get a better high, it is likely that addiction treatment should be attended.  As for drug overdose, this can be a large indicator that a person is needing help with substance abuse and should receive treatment.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help You or Your Loved One

Struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can be an extremely arduous proposition, but there is help available.  Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we help thousands to break free of the chains of addiction every year and can do the same for you or your loved one.  Our program is unique, in that it is designed to provide an individualized treatment regimen for each person.  This allows issues and difficulties that are particular to the individual to be addressed, which is very important for handling the overall addiction.  Begin the journey of recovery today by giving us a call.

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