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Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills: Why They Might be Laced with Heroin

There are many reports circulating today about fake Oxycodone pills. The reports state that these counterfeit Oxycodone pills are actually Heroin, a highly addictive and dangerous drug. Among other opioids, counterfeit Oxycodone is becoming more and more rampant in today’s illegal drug trade.

These fake pills are pressed and even marked with the same A/215 to look nearly identical to the real thing. Some reports show the fake pills as being green, which is a marked difference from the real ones, which are purely white. But you can’t simply tell the populace to avoid the “green pills” as the official and legal pharmaceutical pill color for Oxycotin, which contains Oxycodone, is in fact green. So, how do we tell the real Oxycodone from the counterfeit Heroin?

Oxycodone and Counterfeit Oxycodone – How to Tell Them Apart

Even though there are many similarities between the real and counterfeit pills, here is what you want to look for to spot the fakes:

  • Look at the texture of the pill. Real Oxycodone has a uniform speckle pattern, the counterfeit Oxycodone pills usually have much larger specks.
  • Lick the pill. If it doesn’t taste extremely bitter, you are dealing with a counterfeit.
  • When you wet the pill, notice if the color changes. If it begins to turn a yellowish color, it is fake.
  • Smell the pill. If it is made with Heroin, it will often smell a little bit like vinegar.

Is There Heroin in Oxycodone?

You may be surprised to learn that the molecular structure of Heroin and Oxycodone and nearly identical. After all, Oxycodone and Heroin are both semi-synthetic drugs that are derived from the exact same plant, the Opium Poppy. They also act in the same manner in the body, lingering in the brain and affecting the neuroreceptors that allow cells to communicate with one another. So that prompts another question, is Oxycodone like Heroin?

When looking at the difference between Heroin and Oxycodone, you could ask yourself the question “What difference?” Heroin and many prescription pain pills, such as Oxycodone, affect the same neuroreceptors in the brain which can lead to the formation of the same dependencies, which ultimately lead to addiction. The addictive dependence and eventual withdrawal symptoms of Heroin and Oxycodone are shockingly similar.

Withdrawl Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms for Heroin and Oxycodone alike include anxiety, pain, muscle cramping, insomnia, hot and cold sweats, and diarrhea. To put it simply, there is no difference between a Heroin addiction and an addiction to prescription pain medication. The only true difference, one is legal and one is not. Heroin is unregulated and usually comes in the form of a white or brown powder, which is then melted down and taken by injection. Now we have one more form to be wary of. Pills are easier to take and even easier for abusers to get their hands on.

The increasing number of people becoming addicted to Heroin and other opioid-based painkillers like Oxycodone is alarming. An estimated 23% of people who use Heroin develop a dependence to this harmful and life-threatening drug. Around 517,000 people in the United States suffer from an addiction to Heroin. Even more alarming is the estimated 1.9 million who are addicted to opioid pain medication. More than 8,000 people each year, die from a Heroin overdose and an estimated 17,000 die from opioid painkiller overdose, such as Oxycodone.

End your dependence to Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Heroin, and the many other opioid painkillers there are out there. You can live a life free of addiction. To learn more about Oxycodone and Heroin and how to rid yourself of addiction, contact Best Drug Rehabilitation today.

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