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Are Hallucinogens as Popular Among Teens Today as 10 Years Ago?

Drug War Facts shows that hallucinogen use has actually risen recently, so it can be said that these drugs are more popular now than they were ten years ago. Seeking rehabilitative treatment is important when teenagers have these problems, and so is understanding the reasons why the issues have risen. Doing so helps parents to prevent their teenagers from starting these drugs in the first place and to assist them after they leave the rehab program.

Less Parental Control

While the helicopter parent is an archetype of modern day society, so is the parent who never says no to the kids. As a result, a generation of children who believe they can have whatever they want whenever they want it is coming into the high schools and colleges. In fact, parents may have a more casual approach to drugs because they think that it is okay for their kids to experiment a little bit. What they may not realize, or want to recognize, is that a little bit of experimentation can quickly turn into an addiction with fatal consequences.

Less Strict Drug Laws

Teenagers are often aware of the consequences that their actions carry, but that doesn’t mean they care about them. The less severe the consequences are, the more likely many of them are to take the risk. Some drug laws have become less strict, and certain drugs that were once illegal are now legal to people above a certain age. When teenagers see more freedom with drugs coming from the legal system, they may think that drugs are not as bad. Also, they may have less respect for the consequences.

Ease of Access

Teenagers have so much more access now to drugs than they did ten years ago. They don’t need to wait until they see their friends at school to see drugs or take the risk of a parent overhearing them talk about drugs on the phone. Instead, they can just use their cell phones or social media sites to send messages to friends. Of course, these tools did exist ten years ago, but not in the capacity that they did today. Not only are teenagers dabbling in drugs, but they are also presenting this information through a medium that can be easily detected.

Increased Peer Pressure

Along with the rise of social media and texting also comes an increase in peer pressure and bullying. When teenagers are pressured into doing drugs, they cannot just walk away from the situation and go home. By the time they arrive home, they may find that they are getting bullied on their social media accounts too. Peer pressure has always played a role in drug usage and abuse for teenagers, and as the outlets for bullying increase, so will this type of peer pressure.

Hallucinogens are serious drugs, and too many teenagers are using them. Understanding the reasons why teens use these drugs can help them to make serious changes so that they have a chance at a beter future in life.


  • Amanda

    This is great data for parents with children of any age! I know I worry about my son growing up and being put into a situation like that. But know the reason why the increase of hallucinogens over the last ten years has gone up after reading this blog, it gives a person where to start look or correcting in order to prevent their child from taking getting into that situation or even helpful in stopping it. I love information like this because it make me more knowledge in what is occurring.

    • Donathan Williams

      This was very informative. Drugs are way more scary than when I was younger or maybe I just wasn’t aware of the dangers but wow this needs to stop especially since more and more kids are being exposed to dangerous drugs.

  • Jonathan

    Definitely agree with this. When I was growing up (the 90’s), I was offered drugs only a handful of times.
    Nowadays, people that I just meet are asking me if want to get high.
    It is actually very sad how easy it is to get drugs and what the neggative influence it is having on our social structure. I have also noticed an increase of free love and prostitution at a young age, this can only go hand in hand.

  • Jonathan

    Definitely agree with this. When I was growing up (the 90’s), I was offered drugs only a handful of times.
    Nowadays, people that I just meet are asking me if want to get high.
    It is actually very sad how easy it is to get drugs and what the neggative influence it is having on our social structure. I have also noticed an increase of free love and prostitution at a young age, this can only go hand in hand.
    Hallucinogens are the worste kind of drug because now you don’t know what chemicals are being put in them and for that reason, have the worste kind of side effects.

  • Angie

    I completely agree that parents have a very loose approach when it comes to raising children and this can lead to serious addiction. The view that children need to experiment while they are young to help them learn is false. Parents need to do just that, parent. Teach your children all of the facts about drug use, drug abuse and what addiction does to them and their families. Help them learn what is right and what is wrong and how to handle peer pressure. Drugs are always going to be readily available around schools, unfortunately. So I feel it is up to the parents to really show their children the right way to handle them and help them say no when the times comes.

  • Walter

    This is VERY TRUE!!!! I can remember when I was a teenager, and there was an ever present opportunity to try dangerous hallucinogenic drugs. I know of many of my friends that tried LSD, PCP, and Mescaline. Not to mention the synthethic chemicals that were not true hallucinogenic drugs, but when overdosed, would produce massive hallucinations. I can also remember when Absinthe was presented to me as a “safe drug” because it is just like alcohol. Well I do not know about you, but almost getting hit by a car and passing out throwing up in the middle of a street is no picnic. If I had not had friends that were sober to get me home, I do not know what would have happened.

    I can vouch also as a taxi driver that I get passengers all the time that will tell me they are either going to get drugs or are going to use them later. I try to impart my wisdom on why they should not, but I would love to have them all read this article. The funny thing of it is that most people cannot actually confront that these drugs are still prevalent and used a lot by young kids. I highly recommend sharing this article and then getting any kids educated on what is actually occurring when they “trip” and maybe we can get the use of these drugs to stop.

  • Rene

    I never saw drugs or drug use in high school back in 97′. But I didn’t really have many friends. It wasn’t till I was in my early 20’s that I tried hallucinogens. I really enjoyed them, but I knew that if I kept taking them, they would mess my life up. Luckily, I never became addicted. I don’t know if that would’ve been the case if I had tried them in high school, when I was younger or bullied into taking them more often.

  • Whitney

    I agree that peer pressure and bullying steers kids in the wrong direction and it seems these days, with the ease of access to social media for young people, that these issues are on the rise.

  • brian ski

    I was surprised to hear that hallucinogens are still so popular. I associate them with the jams bands.
    I was also surprised that access is much easier. Thank you for this article.

  • Kevin Lindstrom

    I’m not an authority by any means, but imitations of hallucinogens are likely the dangerous drugs on the market. For instance, PCP (a somewhat pointless recreational drug) isn’t even available anymore. With the advent of research chemicals and the DEA’s crackdown on the actual chemical structures, this should eventually becoming prescient.

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