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Volunteering at a local animal shelter theraputic for clients

Volunteering at a local animal shelter therapeutic for clients

With a focus on being an integral part of their community, staff and patients at the Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment facility in Manistee, Mich. are always looking for ways to give back to to those who are less fortunate.

Volunteering at a local animal shelter theraputic for clientsWhile they’re typically volunteering to help underprivileged families, they haven’t forgotten about their four-legged friends either.

Every week, Best Drug Rehabilitation takes 5-10 patients to the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter to help clean the animal’s living areas, bathe the animals, feed them, and spend quality time with them, including taking them for walks.

Out of all of their community service events, this one in particular has really touched the hearts of many BDR patients, and several have already taken information from the shelter to adopt a pet once they’ve completed the recovery program.

“I love animals, and being able to spend a small part of my day making their lives better, makes mine better,” said one patient who regularly attends. “Every animal deserves a loving home and I’m just glad to be a part of helping them get there.”


  • Regina M

    How wonderful! Any kind of volunteering is such a rewarding feeling and the animals are so grateful and they love you no matter what. Adopting also sounds like a great ideal, which certainly raises the responsibility level of a person.

  • Diane C

    I live this. What a great idea to get the patients involved with helping someone or something else. It takes their mind off of what they are going through and has them concentrate on something else for awhile. Animals can be so therapeutic for so many people. It is so awesome that Best Drug Rehab has so many different programs for their patients to participate in. I can see how this would give them the best chance of recovery.

  • Amanda

    I love this article. I believe that animals are such a healing touch and can really make a difference in someone life. I love that fact that the Best Drug Rehabilitation takes people that are participating in their addiction recovery program. I think that can make all the difference in the world in someone life and recovery. I know what my dogs and cats have done for me, and I would strongly recommend someone to also choose a furry friend to help them with their recovery as well!

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